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New Iphone: “Designed in California but Assembled in China”

By Margaret Elkis October 1, 2014
Sure the iPhone ideas come from the U.S. but it is mostly made and assembled in countries in Asia Read More

troops afghanistan war

What Are We Thinking? We Need to Get Out of Afghanistan Now!

By Patrick Kellen October 1, 2014
With a new deal for US forces to stay in Afghanistan signed by the new Afghanistan, we may have troops there “until the end of 2024 and beyond.” Read More


America Needs to Reform Our Broken Tax System.

By James Moreland October 1, 2014
Our tax system isn't working. The U.S. tax system is not allowing us to function in the global economy. We need a better system. Read More

Is America’s Economy Really Improving?


This recovery has been unlike every other recovery in history. It has been a very slow come back in which people and businesses are still suffering from the recession. What is worse is that we keep hearing good news about our economy improving, when in fact is has only improved in certain areas while the others are still hurting significantly.  Alabama, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and more are still no where near to where they use to be before the recession. The truth is that the United State’s economy is unstable and in dire conditions.

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