US farm lobby group campaigning against the Trans Pacific Partnership

One of the largest farm groups in the United States is stepping up its campaign against the Trans Pacific Partnership. Read More


Donald Trump: Obama’s Trans-Pacific Free-Trade Deal is ‘Insanity’

He said that he thinks the only reason why politicians like Rubio are backing the TPP deal is because they are “controlled” by Washington lobbyists. Read More


Must Watch – Warren’s Warning About The Coming Corporate Tax Giveaway

Warren said the amount of money the giant corporations have stashed outside the country in tax havens – and the tax bill they would owe – is staggering. Read More

NAFTA Has Been Nothing but a Disaster


In the years the United States has been a part of NAFTA, we have seen scores of jobs lost, immigration problems worsen, and our manufacturing base decimated when factories moved out and crossed the border to Mexico.  Many politicians in the past two decades have claimed they want to fix NAFTA, but not one has been successful.

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