Free Trade

Foreign Nations Attack the United States with Trade Weapons

By James Moreland January 31, 2015
Little of what American consumers buy is actually made by American-owned companies operating in America. As a result, the U.S. has become uncompetitive. Read More


Why Real Tax Reform Is Crucial For Our Economy

Margaret Elkis January 31, 2014
We have been seeing left and right that companies are leaving our borders and moving their head quarters to foreign countries in order to cut their tax bills Read More


Secret Negotiations Hide the TPP’s Most Damaging Provisions

By John Olen January 31, 2015
Corporations have a seat at the table, but the American people have been left in the dark during these negotiations. Read More

The “Free Trade” System Drains America of Its Economic Strength


Americans are becoming increasingly aware we have serious problems in our country. Our economy has been devastated and multinational corporations make sure those in power do their bidding.

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