TPP Is Outrageous And Risks Our Children’s Health

By Margaret Elkis December 19, 2014
Under the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) that President Obama is trying to pass, schools using only USDA Process Verified chicken might be in direct violation. Read More

money corporations

Plutocracy: A Government By The Rich, For the Rich

By Margaret Elkis December 19, 2014
The stock market is booming and profits are at an all time high for Wall Street, yet the poor are only getting poorer and middle class America is disappearing. Read More


America’s Military Overeach Is Bleeding Into Our Police Force

By Patrick Kellen December 19, 2014
Americans are waking up to the fact that we don’t need more violence, a militarized police, or to spend billions of dollars on tanks for our local police force. Read More

Wake up America – Your Dreams Have Become a Nightmare


When we finally awake from our peaceful sleep we will realize the ownership and control of our country was taken from us. We are a defeated and conquered nation.

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