WTO Officially Rules Against America’s Country of Origin Laws

By Margaret Elkis October 21, 2014
Why are we even in the WTO? It crushes our economy and eliminates our sovereignty. It is imperative we renegotiate terms or completely withdraw from the WTO. Read More


Service Sector Jobs Proving to be Difficult Due to “Free Trade”

By James Morelads October 20, 2014
Workers in the service sector barely have a choice on either taking the holiday off or working. Nearly 40 percent of retail workers don't even receive a minimum amount of hours. Read More


Another Leaked TPP Chapter Shows What a Disaster it Will be!

By Margaret Elkis October 20, 2014
America is in great danger if the TPP is enacted, and as our current system continues to be corrupted it is only a matter of time before we are a full blown plutocracy. Read More

Darkness at the End of the Tunnel


We are being controlled and directed – told what to do – by other nations, for their benefit and to our detriment. Our direction in so-called “free trade” is not just hurting us – it is destroying us. One look at our condition and direction will clearly show we are in a mode of self destruction.

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