TPP Talks Stalled in Hawaii: U.S. Holds Out on Dairy

By Margaret Elkis July 31, 2015
Americans are concerned about a flood of cheap goods which would put our companies out of business since they can't compete with competitor prices. Read More


What Do the Top Ten Candidates Have to Say About College Debt?

By Daniel Mills July 31, 2015
Regardless of who your political party of choice is, we need to research and see what each of these contenders stand for. Read More

Cyber Espionage Hacking

Yet Another Cyber Attack Proves Other Countries See Us as Weak

By Patrick Kellen July 31, 2015
We now know of yet another attack: United Airlines. The world's second largest airline was hacked back in either May or early June of this year. Read More

Fundamental Flaws in “Free Trade”

MS "E.R. Shanghai"

“Free trade” sounds great: consumers get the benefit of increased competition for their buying dollars, manufacturers get to locate or source from the lowest cost labor pool, and exporters have the opportunity to sell into new markets with no tariffs. What could be bad about that?

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