Young Workers

It Is Time to Change Our Ways

We need to work now for future generations. America ranks below the top 20 countries in education. This is unacceptable. Read More


5 Reasons the United States Must Get Out of NAFTA Now!

When NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) was passed, many people feared the worst. The results have indeed been disastrous for the U.S. Economy Read More


7 Reasons We Need To Fight to Stop TTIP Now

The bottom line is that endlessly searching for new “free trade” partners is not America’s most prudent strategy. Read More

Many American’s Don’t Trust So Called “Free Trade”


Usually, anything with the term “free” on it has a positive connotation: free cookies, free appetizer, free purse with the purchase of any item over $45, this salad dressing is fat free. However, using the example of “fat free,”when we ran some studies on supposed “fat free,” we found nasty results. Fat free use to be this great, healthy thing for our bodies and it turned out being the total opposite.

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