Flooring From China Posing Serious Risks for Families

By Margaret Elkis March 4, 2015
Americans are asking, why are we still importing products from China when they are notorious for lower safety standards and using illegal chemicals? Read More

economic war

The Silent Economic War Being Waged Against America

By Ruth Patterson March 4, 2015
Most Americans are unaware of this war. We have opened our shores and our markets with “free trade,” a proven disaster in the modern international economy. Read More


Obama Addresses Immigration Issues but Not the Real Reasons for Them

By Danial Mills March 4, 2015
Because of NAFTA, the number of people migrating illegally from Mexico each year to the United States has skyrocketed. Read More

China Is Doing What We Ought to with Clean Energy


When one thinks of China, more often than not images of overpopulation and pollution—particularly smog-filled, crowded cities—come to mind. Other environmental concerns that China faces include toxic metal dumps, ocean reef collapse and more. Coupled with overpopulation, China has turned towards clean energy to help lessen the blow dealt by the previously mentioned concerns.

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