It is Clear That Our Government is Not Working for the American People

By George Barlow September 23, 2014
It is clear that our leaders are not working for us. Instead they are working for the lobbyists and special interests that fund their campaigns. Read More


This Election, Let’s Work to End “Free Trade”

By Daniel Mills September 23, 2014
Instead of talking about issues that Congress cannot fix, like the problems in Syria and Iraq, we need to focus on the one we can fix, our economy. Read More


Beware of China’s Largest E-Commerce Company

By Margaret Elkis September 23, 2014
With a valuation that could reach as high as $200 billion, Alibaba could be the second-largest Internet company in the world, behind only Google. Read More

Japan Is Doing Its Best to Buy America


It isn’t enough that last year we sold our largest pork manufacturer to a Chinese firm; now we’re giving up our whiskey too. The nation’s leading whiskey operations, Jim Beam, and it’s portfolio of whiskey cognac, tequila and vodka are being acquired by Suntory Holdings Ltd., a Japanese company.  While the deal promises it won’t change the taste of the products, you can be sure that any profits won’t be coming back into the U.S.

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