“Free Trade” Puts Our Food Supply in Danger!

Some might not know that many cases of food-borne illness here in the United States are due to imported food not being inspected carefully enough. Read More

trade deficit

Enormous, Humongous August Trade Deficit Welcomes TPP

hese trade policies are designed to deindustrialize the U.S., moving factories and jobs to low-wage countries. Read More


The Trans-Pacific Partnership Is a Disaster

As I've explained before, international trade isn't just harmony, it's largely rivalry, and mercantilism is how the winners play to win. Read More

Our Country Is in Serious Trouble


The U.S. needs to realize that its greatest threat is self-generated. We have sold 16,613 of our best companies in the past 30 years, increasing the number of American-registered foreign-owned companies in the United States. Japan and China would never sell their companies to any interests outside of their countries, which is evidence in itself how far we are descending as a nation. When we sell out to foreign-owned companies, the technology and the profits go overseas.

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