What Should We Be Thankful For this Thanksgiving? Very Little.

By Daniel Mills November 27, 2014
For many, there is little to be thankful for. Our economy is in shambles, unemployment remains high, and wages have stagnated for years. Read More

Black Friday

America’s “Black Friday” Shopping Spree is a Lie Supported By Debt

By Margaret Elkis November 27, 2014
The reality is that people can't afford these prices, they are simply living on accumulated debt.
Read More


The Most Miserable Places To Spend The Holiday

By Margaret Elkis November 27, 2014
The United States imports about 3.8 billion pounds of meat and poultry a year from other countries, of which some contain lower food safety standards than we do. Read More

The WTO Agreement Must be Canceled Immediately


Our economy is collapsing due to our membership in the WTO. America is irresponsibly controlled and managed by other nations through the WTO’s rulings. Our economy is collapsing and we cannot stop it. We must immediately withdraw from the WTO and become a self-controlled, self-managed government. We must be able to make our own decisions and act in our own best interests.

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