Fast Track

Fast Track Is Unconstitutional and Should Be Rejected

By Jordan Bailey September 20, 2014
How far has America fallen so far that corporations are included inn the Trans-Pacific Partnership, yet our elected lawmakers are not? Read More


Our Failed Trade Policies Have Destroyed Our Nation’s Economy

By James Moreland September 20, 2014
Instead of working in fast food jobs at McDonalds, we need good paying manufacturing jobs. Our current job growth is barely keeping up with our population growth Read More

Unemployment Jobs

The Truth About America’s Job Situation

By Ruth Patterson September 20, 2014
22 thousand jobs flipping burgers isn't the solution to fix our job situation, but fixing our trade policies would be a good start. Read More

Americans Don’t Have Money to Burn at Casinos


We have been hearing from mainstream news that the economy is sluggishly improving, but is it really? How could it be improving when foreclosures are at an all time high in New Jersey? How could it be getting better when American company Radio Shack is on the verge of selling out and desperately looking for capital? How could it be improving when American companies like Burger King strategically buy Canadian based Tim Horton’s in order to move its headquarters to Canada to avoid paying our high corporate tax rate? How can it possibly be getting better when the vast majority of the jobs in our country are now service industry jobs like flipping burgers. These jobs are acceptable for teenagers looking to make extra money, or seniors who are retired and looking for a little extra cash. However, they are inadequate for head of households looking to feed their families, pay for a mortgage, bills and gas. These jobs are not enough to pay back student loans for college graduates.

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