no wto

Our Economy is Collapsing Due to Our Membership in the WTO

By outsourcing our manufacturing we are not only giving our competitors the keys to our factories, we are giving them the blueprints to our innovation. Read More


“Free Trade” Puts Our Food Supply in Danger!

Some might not know that many cases of food-borne illness here in the United States are due to imported food not being inspected carefully enough. Read More

Rob Portman

Portman, in surprise, to oppose trade deal

Portman defended his position on Thursday as consistent, saying he has always supported free trade as long as it’s also fair to American workers. Read More

A Minimum Wage Law Is Not a Long-Term Solution To “Free Trade” Devastation


The truth is our economy hasn’t supplied the average American worker with well-paying jobs. “Free trade” agreements like NAFTA have decimated the American manufacturing base, leaving many low-skill workers with nowhere to turn but service industry jobs and their usual lower pay. This pay is pushed even lower by the glut of workers competing for these positions.

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