Our Trade Deficit is Destroying Our Economy

By Patrick Kellen April 18, 2014
The problem with a trade deficit is that it allows foreigners to make money off Americans by selling us things we could make for ourselves. As goods flood the country, making American labor unnecessary, money exits the country. But the foreigners do not use these dollars to buy our exports, they use them to buy us out. Read More »

tax reform

Our Tax System is Oppressive and Doesn’t Work

By Daniel Mills April 18, 2014
By having a Border Consumption Tax, the burden is placed on imported goods, allowing our goods to remain competitive. Over 70% of our economy is made up of consumer purchases, and far more than half of the jobs that make up the American economy are in the service industry. Read More »

china America

The Chinese Have a National Strategy, and That Is Why They Are Winning

By Daniel Mills April 18, 2014
We have no strategy as a nation. We allow our prosperity to be traded away and our best companies to come under foreign ownership. They then return at a lower cost and continue the cycle which continues to cripple our economy. Read More »

If You Eat Imported Food You May Be Putting Toxins Directly into Your Body!


The U.S. imports over $2 trillion worth of food every year, much of it produced in third-world countries like China, Vietnam, and Thailand. Of that 2 trillion, less than 2% is inspected by the FDA. With up to 80% of our seafood coming from other countries, you may want to reconsider going for that shrimp cocktail at the New Year’s party this year.

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