WTO Decision India China

Another Instance of U.S. Sovereignty Being Squashed

By Patrick Kellen July 22, 2014
In a decision that should surprise no one, the World Trade Organization (WTO) ruled against the U.S. and in favor of China and India. Read More

Fast Track

Fast Track Trade Authority Is a Poison We Must Avoid

By James Moreland July 22, 2014
If Congress grants President Obama Fast Track Trade Authority, it will guarantee any agreement coming before Congress will be repugnant. Read More


Why Are We Eating Expired Meat from China?

By Margaret Elkis July 22, 2014
It was recently discovered that a Chinese food supplier had been selling McDonald’s, KFC and Pizza Hut expired beef and chicken. Read More

Both Parties Are Pawns to Mega Corporations


Many are predicting that Republicans will win back the Senate in 2014. Predictions don’t matter, because in reality it makes no difference who wins: Republicans and Democrats are equally corrupt. Both parties operate without the best interests of the public in mind because both parties are controlled by lobbyists and corporations who fund the campaigns that get our Congressional representatives elected in the first place!

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