The Era of Free Trade Might Be Over. That’s a Good Thing.

We should no longer buy the statistically strained arguments about F.T.A.s delivering growth and jobs. The evidence just isn’t there, a fact not lost on those campaigning for president. Read More


The Uprising Begins Against the “Three Big T’s”

Organizations, activists, and individual people are sick and tired of being kept in the dark regarding major issues that affect them directly. Read More


The WTO Has Put America on the Path to Becoming a “Colony” Again

Those who Signed this Lengthy Agreement did not Read the Fine Print or did not have the Interests of America in Mind. Read More

America: Out of Control and Heading in the Wrong Direction


China now has accumulated approximately $3.2 TRILLION in convertible currency reserves, of which nearly $1.2 trillion are held in U.S. treasury bonds. This has happened through their escalating balance of trade surpluses with America – they sell to us much more than we sell to them every year. In the process, China has been instrumental in putting many of our American companies out of business. This is only possible because of our failed “free trade” policies.

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