America Must Look for Real Solutions, Not Ways to Spend More Money

Margaret Elkis October 23, 2014
America is just throwing money at all of the problems that money will not solve, rather than looking for real, long lasting practical solutions. Read More


Why Would We Allow Corporations to Sue the Government for Doing Its Job?

By Daniel Mills October 23, 2014
McConnell is pressuring U.S. negotiators to ensure that multinational corporations can take part in the dispute settlement portion of the the TPP Read More


The World Trade Organization (WTO) Is Devastating the American Economy

By James Moreland October 23, 2014
The WTO pretends to exists for only one reason: to promote "free trade." But in reality, it exists to benefit multinational corporations. Read More

A Three Step Plan to Fix Our Economy

Three Step Plan

America’s economic problems are no secret. Nations like China are growing more and more economically powerful, while America is spiraling out of control. Losing an average of $600 billion dollars per year in trade deficits adds up, and the new low-wage economy neither brings in the needed tax dollars to run the country, nor gives citizens enough money to pay the bills. The more imports we buy, the more other nations prosper, and the more America falls deeper and deeper into third world status.

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