How Will We Fix Our Crumbling Infrastructure?

By Daniel Mills July 23, 2014
Last Thursday President Obama called for a long-term investment in highway, port and other infrastructure programs during a visit to Wilmington, Delaware. Read More


The WTO Has Destroyed Our National Sovereignty

By Margaret Elkis July 23,2014
We must become an independent fair trader with the world, trading without the WTO or any other “free trade” agreements. Read More

Detroit Water

“Free Trade” Leading to Civil Unrest in Detroit

By Patrick Kellen July 23, 2014
Detroit has been so economically devastated that its citizens often cannot even afford water.
Read More

Our Government Is Working Against Us, Not for Us!


It may seem hard to believe, but our elected government in Washington is working against the best interests of the American people. Proof can be seen in leaked documents from the top secret Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) corporate lobbyists are working on. This is a deal that would promote corporations from “people” to their own “nations!” This information should have everyone up in arms!

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