Mainstream Media Distracting Americans From Our Economic Disaster

By John Olen March 28, 2015
Back in 1983, media was controlled by more than 50 different companies. Today power and control over the mainstream media has been condensed Read More


TPP Is Outrageous And Risks Our Children’s Health

By Margaret Elkis March 28, 2015
Under the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) that President Obama is trying to pass, schools using only USDA Process Verified chicken might be in direct violation. Read More

tax reform

125 Million Americans Could Be Income Tax Free!

By James Moreland March 28, 2015
This new system would eliminate all income taxes on the first $100,000 earned which will abolish income taxes for 125 million Americans! Read More

Chinese and Japanese Tactics Are Deceptive and It Is Hurting Our Economy


Between the North American “Free Trade” Agreement (NAFTA), the Korean – U.S. Trade agreement (KORUS), and our membership in the World Trade Organization (WTO), it’s safe to say the United States has unfair trade relationships with a lot of different nations. Of those nations, China and Japan stand out the most for their unfair trading strategies including stall tactics, deception and ambiguity.

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