dark money

It Is Time for Healthy Tax Reform

By James Moreland October 31, 2014
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What Exactly Happened to Detroit?

By Ruth Patterson October 31, 2014
Now it is a city undergoing the nation's largest bankruptcy trial, shutting off water to its residents and tearing down its' own buildings Read More

Student loan debt

Biggest Threat to Our Economy: Student Loans

By Margaret Elkis October 31, 2014
There is over $1.2 trillion of student loan debt currently owed nationwide. This has become one of the biggest threats to our economy. Read More

The Japanese Miracle


The tiny island nation of Japan provides many fine examples of what a country can do if it is not bogged down in futile wars and is intelligently governed. Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and China have copied Japan’s model and have become extremely successful.

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