United States European Union TTIP

“Free Trade” Agreement TTIP Has Little to Do with Free Trade

By Margaret Elkis August 1, 2014
TTIP will end up being another job ­killing and expensive “free trade” agreement the U.S. simply cannot afford. Read More


We Are Losing the Economic War With China

By James Moreland August 1, 2014
While any economic plan to restore our economy will not be painless, we must act now if we are to have a chance to restore our country's economy. Read More

america's broke

Our System Is Broken and We’re Suffering for It

By Daniel Mills August 1, 2014
Many of our middle class manufacturing jobs have been relocated to low-wage countries, where goods are produced and shipped back to us. Read More

Chinese and Japanese Tactics Are Deceptive and It Is Hurting Our Economy


Between the North American “Free Trade” Agreement (NAFTA), the Korean – U.S. Trade agreement (KORUS), and our membership in the World Trade Organization (WTO), it’s safe to say the United States has unfair trade relationships with a lot of different nations. Of those nations, China and Japan stand out the most for their unfair trading strategies including stall tactics, deception and ambiguity.

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