TPP income

Study: The TPP Will Cost US a Half Million Jobs, Drag Down GDP

The report also estimates that TPP will cause labor's share of income to decline by 1.3 percent, increasing inequality in the United States. Read More


5 Reasons that Rosy Predictions About the TPP Are Wrong

One of the billionaires crusading to cut working people’s Social Security now has his sights set on making the Trans-Pacific Partnership look like a sweet deal. Hint: It’s not. Read More

no wto

Our Economy is Collapsing Due to Our Membership in the WTO

By outsourcing our manufacturing we are not only giving our competitors the keys to our factories, we are giving them the blueprints to our innovation. Read More

Toxic Imports are a Major Threat


The CDC estimates that 325,000 Americans are hospitalized every year from food poisoning, with 5,000 resultant deaths. Clearly, food safety is an important issue in this nation. Over 60 percent of imported food comes from developing nations, such as Mexico and China.

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