Black Friday

Why Black Friday Sales Are NOT Going to Boost Our Economy

By Margaret Elkis November 24, 2014
Black Friday is inevitably the biggest shopping day of the year. But instead of every sale boosting our economy, every sale actually represents an American job lost. Read More

detroit water

30,000 Without Water in Detroit Yet Businesses Still Have It

By John Olen November 24, 2014
While citizens are not even allowed to make payment plans to avoid shut off, more than 40 businesses owe $9.5 million in water bills yet their water is still on. Read More


We Need to Protect Our Interests as a Nation

By James Moreland November 24, 2014
“Free trade” translates to job losses, record-breaking trade deficits, soaring national debt, outsourcing of entire industries, and an increase in foreign imports Read More

WARNING! The Fish You Eat May Make You Sick or Could Even Kill You!


Over 80 percent of our seafood is now imported, but less than 2 percent is checked! Much of this imported seafood is contaminated with antibiotics and toxic chemicals, and it is making its way to your dinner table. Eating fish is supposed to be healthy, but eating this unchecked fish could slowly be killing you and your family.

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