balance trade

Five Years Later, Free Trade Still Doesn’t Work

On the trade issue, there's an enormous amount of editorial chatter, but almost no actual economic analysis. Surprising, but true. Read More


US farm lobby group campaigning against the Trans Pacific Partnership

One of the largest farm groups in the United States is stepping up its campaign against the Trans Pacific Partnership. Read More


Donald Trump: Obama’s Trans-Pacific Free-Trade Deal is ‘Insanity’

He said that he thinks the only reason why politicians like Rubio are backing the TPP deal is because they are “controlled” by Washington lobbyists. Read More

China Is a Serious Threat to the U.S. Economy


China now has accumulated $3.8 trillion in convertible currency reserves. This has happened through their escalating balance-of-trade surpluses with America – they sell to us much more than we sell to them. In the process, China has been instrumental in putting many of our American manufacturers out of business.

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