There Is No Path Out of Poverty for Many Americans

The vast majority of Americans are willing to work hard to get ahead, but there are few jobs left where working hard gets you anything more than a meager paycheck. Read More


6 Policy Failures Contributing to the Collapse of Our Economy

When we have no more assets to sell, our dollar will be consigned to the ashcan of history.
Read More

Toxic Food

American Restaurants Are Serving Mislabeled Seafood

Hundreds of restaurants all across the U.S. are selling crabs as authentic, when in fact they are fraudulent crabs shipped from as far away as Indonesia. Read More

We Cannot Continue Living Beyond Our Means if We Are to Survive!


Our balance of trade deficit has averaged $600 billion every year from 2000 to present. That is $1.2 million per minute! This means we are now dependent on imports for even our most basic needs instead of producing for ourselves. Our trade deficit with China alone was $317 billion.

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