Here’s the Reason Why Americans Should Buy Local Food

Imagine this: food that has to travel long distances is preserved with waxes, gases and synthetic chemicals such as fungicides. Read More


Say Goodbye to Another U.S. Company Due to China

Molycorp Inc., based in California, is laying off 500 workers and ending all of the country's sole source of the elements used in magnets and batteries. Read More


Newly Leaked TISA Texts Grows More Concerns

TISA is the most secretive agreement out of the three since negotiations aren't announced at all and it is the least understood. Read More

Wake Up America! This is a Call to Economic Arms


We are losing an economic war waged against us, and we haven’t even bothered to show up for it. “Free trade” is unrestricted access by foreign companies to everything we have—to buy, to sell, to maliciously undercut our prices and knock out any business at will. It is destroying America and we are doing nothing to stop it.

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