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Balanced Trade Restoration Act of 2014


I read with great interest editorials by Thomas Heffner. Many of them are strong “Wake Up!” calls. Every American should see them!

Putting the Afghanistan War in Perspective

Let’s go back to 9/11 – the worst of terrorism. Osama bin Laden told us why. He said the U. S. support for Israel was a crusade or holy war against Islam. Osama made so much trouble in his native Saudi Arabia that he was expelled to Sudan. And making trouble there, he went to Afghanistan to train terrorists. Osama told us again and again of his cause for terrorism. He helped blow up our Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia, but we didn’t listen. After we went into Kuwait, he blew up our embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, but we didn’t listen. He then blew up the U.S.S. Cole, but we didn’t listen. Finally, when he blew up the World Trade Towers and Pentagon, we listened. We knew immediately where to go after the culprit. But we misunderstood the cause of the terrorism, saying that the Muslim world was jealous of our freedoms. And to obscure the cause, we lashed out at the world. President Bush characterized 9/11 as a War on Terror, telling the world you’re either “for us or against us.”

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