10 Things America Must Change to Turn the Country Around


America is facing many problems, leading to a downward spiral towards economic collapse and colonialism (foreign control). Most Americans are oblivious of the facts, but need to know them if we are ever to recover as a nation. Here are just ten problems America is currently facing. Be warned—this list may shock you!

  1. Currently, we are being controlled and directed – told what to do – by other nations, for their benefit and to our detriment. Our current direction in so-called “free trade” is not just hurting us – it is destroying us. One look at our current condition and present direction will clearly show we are in a mode of self destruction. When will we wake up to the realization that some of the agreements we have signed, most specifically NAFTA, the KORUS FTA and our agreement with the WTO, are preventing us from doing what is in our best interest?
  2. States fight each other to the benefit of foreign companies. We give foreign-owned companies subsidies to insource their production in the United States. These foreign-owned factories provide very few American jobs in relation to their output since nothing is produced in these factories – they are merely assembly facilities that put together imported foreign parts whose total cost winds up being much less to produce. We are shooting our own American-owned auto facilities in the foot for a few menial jobs in foreign-owned car plants. American subsidies give foreign car companies an even greater advantage against our few remaining companies.
  3. Thanks to NAFTA many of our other trading partners have relocated facilities to Mexico to circumvent other trade agreements with the U.S.
  4. Illegal immigrants in the U.S. have increased to 12 million today from 3.9 million in 1993, accounting for an overall increase of over 300 percent.
  5. Thanks to the WTO, since 1993 we have lost jobs: 561,000 in computer and electronic products; 153,000 in apparel and accessories; 139,000 in administrative support services; and 128,000 in professional, scientific and technical services just to name a few. (Numbers current as of 2008)
  6. We give China free reign to enter our county to sell its products to us as cheaply as they want until we can’t compete in our own country due to Chinese mercantilism.
  7. The U.S-China trade deficit is exploding, and more job losses are forecast every year.
  8. American manufacturing has lost over 3 million jobs in the past 10 years as U.S. companies have also moved to Mexico, China and other foreign countries for lower wages and lax regulations.
  9. 300,000 American family farms have been put out of business. Overall, net farm incomes are down 13 percent.
  10. Attributable to the KORUS FTA, trade, banking and finance are now under the foreign control of South Korea. Any law Korea sees as limiting a corporation’s profitability can be challenged. Even prevailing wage laws can be challenged.

We must not let other nations act with predatory intent as they currently are, which prevents us from competing on a global scale. Our “free trade” agreements are only giving our competitors the freedom to deliver their goods to our country with prices deliberately devalued to predatorily put our companies out of business. This has made us jobless – a servant economy reliant on foreign debt and foreign products.

It is time we started negotiating new trade deals with these foreign nations, ones that will benefit American workers and American employers. We need new deals that will make it profitable to manufacture and produce in the United Sates again. If we do not, our nation may never recover from the damage we are doing to ourselves.

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