Will Anything Change for the American Economy in 2013?


America is clearly stuck in an economic rut thanks to poor economic policies, which have led to nationwide malaise and gloom. The American economy has been strapped with high oil prices, a deflated housing market, stagnant wages, high unemployment, rising food costs and a government unwilling and/or unable to help because of budget crises.

Clearly, the status quo is not working for the United States. America needs a change.

Due to poor leadership and policies that harm the economy, Americans are struggling to finding way out of this mess on their own. We can remain in a depressed state, which in many ways contributes to the ongoing problems, or we can channel our collective spirit into demanding better from our elected officials.

While there are still jobs to be found at the Wal-Mart’s and McDonald’s of America, big box stores are still selling an overwhelming amount of “Made in China” products–virtually nothing is made in America anymore.  Americans are demanding real jobs with real wages that create real wealth for this nation, yet our leaders are still finding ways to help the super rich make a little more in profits by selling out their voting citizens.

Staying the course yet again in 2013 is not the right track for this nation. Decades of eroding our manufacturing base, as well as the proliferation and expansion of an ineffective tax system have left this nation in a position of economic weakness compared to our foreign rivals, which has resulted in millions of jobs lost. America must abandon its focus on Wall Street and return to investing in Main Street to have any chance of promising a better life for future generations and ending this sickening economic state of affairs.

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