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What Made Past Leaders Successful? Focusing on American Industry


The United States is in need of better leadership. Many former American presidents and leaders implemented active industrial policy geared toward manufacturing at home, and this policy tended to work. There are inspiring examples of U.S. directorship on both sides of the aisle, and they go all the way back to the birth of our country. Since then, the most successful leaders we’ve had have made a point to protect American businesses first and foremost.

We Must Act Now to Save America!


Due to decades of failing trade policies we have jobs that have left our shores, our manufacturing sector has been decimated and our infrastructure is crumbling beneath our feet. We cannot stand idly by and allow these policies to continue. Much of this has been because of our membership in the WTO and our “free trade” agreements.

America Desperately Needs Viable Third Parties


American politics are dominated by two Goliaths: the Democrat and Republican parties. The most common opinion running through the public is that neither party is trustworthy and working for the best interests of Americans. That’s not a surprise. As any economist can tell you, when a field is dominated by two members, cartels are easier to form.

Many American-Made Companies Are Now Under Foreign Control!


When foreign countries own companies and businesses that many American’s purchase goods from, all of that money that would be going back into the U.S. economy is now going overseas. This leads to devastating consequences as we’re seeing now, with job losses and unsettling unemployment. It is also placing the United States in a position where we’re coming to rely on foreign governments for our needs.

It Is Obvious Our Leaders Are Not Looking Out For Our Best Interests


Time and time again, our leaders have made decisions that prove they are looking out for the sponsors who are funding their elections. The prime catalyst of this is the Supreme Court’s mistaken ruling, Citizens United, that made it possible for large corporations to give massive amounts of money to whatever political candidate they chose – without transparency or disclosure as to where the money came from or what it was being used for.

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