5 Things Americans Should be Focusing On


Everyone knows the America economy is doing poorly. More and more, people are coming to a better understanding of why we have declined from superpower to second-rate nation. It really is not that difficult to figure out.

1. Speak out against the TPP.

This is first and foremost. The TPP is the same style of “free trade” agreement that has devastated U.S. manufacturing and, by extension, the nation as a whole. As if the “free trade” aspect were not bad enough, the vast majority of its chapters have nothing to do with trade. They are a way for the President to legislate from the executive branch.

The TPP will implement injurious rules and restrictions on:

  • the Internet
  • food safety
  • access to medicines
  • climate change policy
  • workers’ rights
  • financial regulation
  • service-sector regulation
  • labor and environmental standards
  • investments
  • government procurement

No one in the country would go untouched by such loss of freedoms, and any candidate who can convince the public he will take a stand against these restrictions will get their support.

2. Protect American jobs by opposing outsourcing.

Not only the TPP, but all other “free trade” agreements encourage the erosion of the American labor force. Right now, the TPP must be stopped, but after it is, extant “free trade” agreements need to be revisited and, at the very least, overhauled. Most likely, they need to be scrapped altogether.

3. Introduce serious tax reform.

Part of the reason we are losing so many jobs is because our tax system does not mesh well with the rest of the world, to our detriment. A border-adjustable tax would allow us to be more competitive. It would save American jobs, raise revenue for the government, harmonize our system with the rest of the world and even allow us to take 100 million Americans off the needlessly complex income tax. We could even lower our abnormally high corporate tax rate to make our businesses competitive again.

4. Expand our food inspection protocols.

Everyone is affected when the food supply is in danger, and our food supply is disastrously uninspected. The FDA inspects between 1-2% of the food we import, and more and more, Americans are living off of imports. The tax reform mentioned above would give the government the funds it needs to secure the safety of our food supply.

5. Preserve American sovereignty.

America’s membership in the World Trade Organization has been problematic, to put it lightly. The very idea of democracy is undermined by such an organization, whose unelected bureaucrats impose rules on Americans and prohibit us from passing legislation we deem necessary for our safety and survival. America can and must withdraw from the WTO. No candidate for office who supports our membership can be considered a serious statesman.

We know what the problem is, we know what is causing it, and the solutions follow logically.

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