ABC Launches ‘Made in America’ Challenge

ABC World News and Diane Sawyer are launching a series to discuss America’s trade and manufacturing issues, titled “Made in America.”

The premise of the series will be to answer the following questions, according to the show’s website: ‘Is buying American-made more expensive? What staples are no longer manufactured in the U.S. at all? And what difference would it make if everyone promised to buy more American-made products?’ As part of this launch, the network unveiled its “Made in America Challenge,” looking for essays, photos and videos detailing American products individuals have bought, and how they have adapted their lifestyle to buy more American goods.

Also, the show will feature an attempt to completely fill a home in Texas with only American made (not merely assembled) products. On the show and online (such as this interactive map), ABC plans to inform viewers about where they can purchase domestically produced goods. ABC World News will begin airing this series next week during its usual news programming.

One of the chief problems facing our economy is the vast amount of imports Americans purchase as a result of problematic trade deals.  Disastrous ‘free’ trade deals have led to the dismantling of the American economy as domestic production and jobs die off.  This program promises to explore what items are no longer made in this country, and the difference it would make if more people would ‘Buy American’. 

The United States listlessly engages in “free trade at all costs” as a means of spread prosperity around the globe. Yet it does so while never acknowledging the fact that global growth is accomplished at the expense of the American economy. So-called “free trade” has not been a vehicle for global growth in the past 30 years, it has been the vehicle through which America’s investment capital, productive facilities, and disposable income was relocated overseas.  

Buying products in your local community supports that community, while purchasing imports only helps support industries in foreign nations.  As the U.S. economy continues to struggle while foreign the economies of foreign competitors such as Russia, China and Brazil surge, it is now more critical than ever to take action to save our jobs.  America is living on imports and debt, resulting in high unemployment and a loss of prosperity, and reducing those imports through tariffs will put the nation back on track. 

Buying American when possible is a big step toward reviving our manufacturing in this country and stopping its downward spiral.  Manufacturing provides quality jobs, and helps to spur other job sectors. 

Click here to enter the “Made in America Challenge”!

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