America Has Become Little More Than a Servant Economy


A data graphic released by PBS shows the vast majority of the jobs in our country are now service industry jobs. This includes healthcare, retail, and leisure; along with hospitality, finance, wholesale and many other industries.

The most telling portion of this graphic is the manufacturing section, which shows us that our manufacturing sector is now collectively smaller than the number of jobs we have in government.

PBS provided additional information. Since the recession started in December 2007:

  • there are still 1.3 million fewer U.S. jobs than when the recession began.
  • health care has added 1.5 million jobs.
  • restaurants and bars have added roughly 700,000 jobs.
  • the number of construction jobs has fallen by 1.6 million.
  • the number of manufacturing jobs has fallen by 1.7 million.
  • the number of government jobs has fallen by about 500,000.

This information combined with recent job reports shows that the main growth in jobs continues to be in retail and the hospitality industry. These industries do not provide a strong backbone for our economy, and treating them as such will lead us only into further economic disasters in the future.


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