America is Quickly Becoming a Chinese Colony


It should be clear by now we are being colonized by China. Slowly but surely our country is slipping out of our hands and into the control of the Chinese government. China holds $3.2 trillion of our assets. The country purchases our factories and steals our technology through “technology transfers,” which are forced upon companies attempting to stay afloat. The communist country buys our banks and has now acquired parts of our thought-provoking, culture-inducing industries, like the film industry.

This is not the only way China is colonizing America. Chinese investors are attempting to build a “China City” in Michigan, with hundreds of housing units and a cultural center to cater to Chinese businessmen who want to run companies in the United States. A state-owned Chinese firm has also proposed a “tech zone” outside Boise, Idaho, that would serve as a self-sufficient city from which Chinese businesses could bid on American contracts.

These are not attempts to integrate into American society, and they are not attempts to add to the American economy. These projects and acquisitions are being undertaken for the good of China and the Chinese people, not Americans.

Americans may not see these purchases and initiatives as a big deal at first, but by them purchasing our movie theaters we are losing control of what our citizens see, including our children. Values that have made America great may fall by the wayside in the films displayed, in favor of those values that will help advance the agenda of our new foreign masters.

It is now becoming apparent that we no longer own our own country.

Foreign interests have been buying up our best companies for decades, sending profits overseas and taking American prosperity with them. Just last year a Chinese company purchased AMC Entertainment. Having acquired 5,000 screens, foreign interests will have even more power over not only our economy, but our movies and culture as well.

We are sitting by and letting this happen!

China is clearly doing what is best for China, as every nation should do. America would do well to remember that if we do not have America’s best interest in mind, no other country will.

We need a new George Washington, a leader who can recognize we are being taken advantage of and lead the charge for American prosperity. In 1776 we threw off the yoke of colonization, but 236 years later we are allowing ourselves to be taken over by foreign interests once again. This is not happening militarily, but through the debilitating effects of controlling our economy, with the same devastating effects as if we were being taken over militarily. It appears painless at first as the economic noose slowly tightens around our neck, until the air and the financial blood is squeezed out of us as our economy and country collapse.

We need to stand up and demand better for America!

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