America: out of Control, Mismanaged and Misgoverned


Congress is not helping the United States. We desperately need a procedure of “no confidence” to get rid of an ineffective government, like they have in other countries around the world. We need to be able to get these ineffective leaders out of office as quickly as possible. We should also have national referendums on important issues that greatly affect us, such as the Supreme Court’s disastrous Citizens United ruling.

Our nation is armed to the teeth against external threats, while our own citizens are arming internally with handguns and rifles. These citizens fear each other, and our under-supported police and fire departments are little help. They have been gutted in many areas of the country as the tax base that financially supports them diminishes.

Our system of government is not working. Our choices for the presidency and Congress are too limited, with voters forced to decide between an inadequate Republican and an inadequate Democrat. Our system is flawed because it allows no way to quickly replace a bad choice once they take office.

The Supreme Court’s Citizens United and McCutcheon rulings have further entrenched our failed system by allowing corporations and wealthy individuals to spend unlimited sums of cash to influence the results of our elections. This leaves our politicians beholden to donors rather than average citizens, and leads to bad policies. The American people overwhelmingly oppose this sort of corporate influence, but we have no way to vote on it. Making matters worse, the Supreme Court justices who put us in this disadvantageous position have been appointed for life. The Supreme Court is every bit as influential as Congress, but we have no term limits for justices and no way to remove them for poor performance. Does this really make sense?

Considering the speed with which we have seen our country descend from a self-sustaining, productive superpower to a nation that looks more like a third-world country, living on imports and debt, it is obvious this system no longer works. Many of our legislators and Supreme Court Justices have held their positions for the entire 19 years we have been declining since NAFTA was implemented. Our system is unable to cope with these changing conditions!

The task of changing the system is a difficult one. Because of our Constitution, change must come from those we put in office. Unfortunately these politicians are more beholden to their donors than to the voters, because the voters may have no choice but to vote for one of two unqualified candidates. We as citizens must pressure these politicians to do the right thing. Those that are performing well have nothing to fear from a system where politicians are required to serve their constituents or face losing their jobs. We need accountability from Washington, and the current system has not delivered!

Tell your representatives in Washington that we need a better system so America can prosper again.

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