American Prosperity is Gone


America was once a prosperous country that was looked upon with envy by foreign nations. In the 1950s our economy was strong and the future looked promising. Our infrastructure was expanding and industrial production was booming. Clearly, we were on the right path. In the past, we produced over 90 percent of the goods we consumed. Our survival depended solely on the strength of our citizens–the way it should be.

Now, the U.S. economy is in shambles. Failed economic policy decisions by our leaders have done irreparable damage and we are suffering.

Over 16,000 U.S. companies have been bought out by foreign nations.   Once these companies are acquired by their new owners the downsizing begins, leaving hardworking Americans out of a job.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) states the U.S. produced 32 percent of the world’s gross domestic product (GDP) in the beginning of the 21th century. In one decade our surplus has been gravely to a deficit equaling 10 percent of our GDP.

Over 30 percent of our manufacturing jobs have been lost in the last decade alone. Our hopes and dreams for a strong economic future have been disregarded and shipped overseas to nations like China and Vietnam.

Corporations and politicians abuse and manipulate policies to increase their wealth, without ever thinking about the devastating consequences on the economy and the resulting tragedy: American families are left with nothing.

As the cost of living rises and wages remain stagnant, American workers are struggling to survive. No working American should have to worry about how they will feed their loved ones.

The solution is to end the disastrous trade policies that have brought ruin to the U.S. economy. America must not tolerate the one-way “free” trade policies like NAFTA and the KORUS FTA. We must end our membership in the WTO. We must bring jobs back home to America. Only then can America become prosperous once again. 

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