Americans Are Waking Up to How Horrendous ALEC is


If you haven’t heard of ALEC, you need to know what it is because they are taking control of our government. ALEC stands for the American Legislative Exchange Council, which is a non-profit group that writes model legislation for our lawmakers. Shell, the oil conglomerate ended it’s membership with ALEC.

It isn’t a matter of praising Shell for leaving ALEC, since they really can have the money to continue lobbying our politicians without ALEC. However the fact that they are receiving praise for leaving ALEC from Americans demonstrates how much Americans dislike ALEC. It is praiseworthy to see that Americans are waking up to how horrendous ALEC is.

Our legislators and elected officials don’t write our laws on their own, they do it alongside corporate lobbyists and their CEO’s. NBC11 in Atlanta Georgia sent journalists to track down Georgian lawmakers in Savannah, Georgia to see what kind of “meetings” were really occurring at the hotel. Low and behold, the meetings were part of ALEC.

Who exactly is behind ALEC? We can see big multinational company names like AT&T, Exxon Mobil, Amazon, Pepsi and State Farm. It is an organization made up of corporate lobbyists and state legislators who come together to vote as equals on bills that often benefit corporation’s bottom line. According to Alec Exposed, ALEC is a pay-to-play operation where corporations buy a seat and a vote on ‘task forces’ to advance their legislative wish lists and can get a tax break for donations, effectively passing these lobbying costs on to taxpayers.

However what NBC11 discovered just confirmed everyone’s fears regarding ALEC. Journalists saw the back rooms where these negotiations with lobbyists and state legislators were occurring and were kicked out by off-duty police officers.
They can do this because, through ALEC, they effect changes to legislation. They tell legislators the changes they want to improve their bottom line and because they have paid them, they feel indebted to them and do their bidding.

Our elected officials have not enacted policies to protect the American people nor devised plans to create new jobs because they’re too busy catering to the desires of the lobbyists and corporations that contributed millions towards their elections!

Groups like ALEC are the reason we have detrimental trade agreements. They are the reason our president is pushing the disastrous TPP. Though much of the TPP has been kept under wraps, what we have learned shows that it would be a disaster for our nation. Leaked documents show that the TPP would severely restrict Intellectual Property rights, make our healthcare more expensive, and be disastrous for the environment.


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