America’s Manufacturing Capabilities Are Disappearing


“Free trade” agreements have flung America’s import-door wide open, and the repercussions are disastrous. Our economy is suffering greatly due to the explosion of foreign-made products flooding in. These products are manufactured overseas for $4 per hour or less, or in first world nation that protect themselves with a value-added tax – the modern tariff.  At such a low cost of labor and other protectionist measures we do not have, American-based manufacturers cannot compete. As a result, businesses are forced to outsource to these foreign companies, or they risk having to close down. Either way, average Americans lose their jobs.

Oddly enough, it is our own Chamber of Commerce that believes outsourcing and “free trade” to be great things. And why wouldn’t they, when they’re the ones representing the so called “American” multinational corporations that are making billions of dollars from our  “free trade” agreements (FTAs). Meanwhile, it is the American middle class that is not only suffering, but also shrinking. With the recent unemployment rate hovering near 8 percent, and over 11 percent out of work for over a year, our actual jobless rate in the U.S. is at 23%.

America is experiencing the destruction of our manufacturing capabilities. If we stay on our present misguided course and continue to uphold these dangerous FTAs, we will experience economic destruction on a huge scale. While “free trade” is not in America’s best interest, we are told we must uphold our commitment because it is a benefit for everyone else—for all of our foreign creditors, exporters, and investors.

There are regulations, limitations and restrictions in place to manage the amount of American-made goods released into the economies of other countries, but the United States is not allowed such luxuries. We have no such regulations, and that is the problem. We are told by the WTO, NAFTA, and other “free trade” regimes that we cannot–we should not–protect our economy. Bluntly put, all of our borders must remain open for all foreign interests.

We have surrendered our sovereignty to others. Our leaders are allowing other countries to manage our economy, and that cannot be allowed to continue. The United States must wake up and become more aware of what is going on with their own economy. It is the public that must petition changes from our leaders in Washington. Contact your congressmen and demand that we rescind all of our “free trade” agreements and cancel our WTO commitment so we can manage our own country again!

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