Are American Democracy and Economic Power Really Just Things of the Past?


There has been much finger pointing on both sides of the aisle by Republicans and Democrats alike as to who is to blame for our current economic crisis. The real problem we face is a lack of leadership, a lack of planning and the constant avoidance of the real issues at the root of our current economic woes. Without a plan, we are falling to state capitalist countries like China. China has the largest population of any country on the planet and has risen from Third World status to become a major industrial nation. Our market capitalism is no match for state guided mercantilistic capitalism, controlled and protected by China and other nations.

Dominic Barton, the global managing director of consulting firm McKinsey, has lived in Asia for nearly a decade. He recognizes Beijing’s slavish obsession with economic indicators like GDP as part of the Chinese government’s concern for job creation.

“The leadership in China is always worried about how to stay ahead of the growth to create enough jobs,” Barton told Reuters back in 2012. “They know that if they don’t and there are disruptions and the people don’t have jobs, there will be revolution.”

This is something that leaders in Washington need to realize, as well – joblessness leads to riots. We do not want to model ourselves after a country that lacks basic human rights, yet it is clear that the Chinese government is serious about jobs and building up its middle class. The one thing they have that we do not is a well orchestrated plan. Their plan, to promote their industries while wiping out their competition – the American economy, is being executed diligently.

With import tariffs ranging from 25 to 300 percent, used to protect its industries and generate income, China has the money to not only employ citizens but also to create high-speed rail projects that the United States can only dream of doing. In fact, the nation is earning so much, it can afford to help keep the American government running. As of April of  2014, the United States owed over $1.26 trillion to China.

The U.S. is supposed to be a superpower, yet this communist country is beating us economically. While China was making profits and improving its infrastructure, our national debt has grown to over $17 trillion, and our balance of trade deficit has averaged $625 billion every year from 2000 to present.

Our leaders hands are tied by their need for campaign funds. Washington is always campaigning. The Supreme Court’s Citizens United and McCutcheon rulings have taken away our democracy and replaced it with a Plutocracy – a government by the rich, for the rich.

Our leaders will not be able to do anything for the country until the Supreme Court’s Citizens United and McCutcheon rulings are reversed. The idea that money equals speech must end, along with the false notion that corporations are people. We need a Constitutional Amendment that clearly states that to be a citizen, one must have a pulse. This amendment should also define, and not redefine, speech as written, verbal or other physical communication, such as sign language. Once out of our current plutocracy, we must leave the “free” market system and return to guided capitalism – capitalism with a patriotic plan.

It is no wonder that the United States is unable to balance its budget without taking on debt from other nations. Clearly the “free” market we have been practicing for decades is too expensive.

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