Can’t We Govern Ourselves? The WTO Has Usurped This Right


Why do we allow foreign individuals to dictate our trade policy?

Shouldn’t we be governing ourselves?

In 1995 the United States handed over its sovereignty to the World Trade Organization  (WTO), an unjust international body made up of foreign people who oversee all of our dealings as they relate to international trade. They gained this power when we signed on to their charter, and we have been paying the price ever since.

Whenever WTO members feel they have been wronged, they can file a complaint against the offending country. A panel of unelected bureaucrats then adjudicates the disputes. 9 out of 10 times a complaint has been brought against the United States the WTO panel has ruled against us.

This has resulted in an unchecked flow of cheap foreign goods into the United States, which has put our manufacturers out of business or forced them to sell out to foreign interests. We have sold over 16,000 of our best companies to foreign interests as it has become more profitable for American businesses to sell their names and assets than to actually make things with the conditions they are forced to contend with.

Our membership in the WTO has also hurt the safety of American consumers. By barring us from restricting our imports we have been forced to bring in unsafe products, including food. More than 80 percent of our seafood is now imported, but less than 2 percent is inspected. The few states that do check their imports have found that 40 to 50 percent of the imported seafood that is checked is contaminated and unfit for consumption.

The WTO has undercut the wishes of American consumers in other ways as well. Dolphin-safe labels on tuna were ruled illegal by a WTO panel, despite the fact that they were put there at the request of the American public. In another case Congress banned the sale of flavored cigarettes because they lead children to smoke, but the WTO ruled that this was an illegal barrier to trade because it hurt those that exported these cigarettes to the United States.

The list of ways the WTO hurts the U.S. could go on and on. This is what happens when we surrender control of our country to a foreign body. They don’t care about the welfare of Americans—they only care about the special interests they serve. We must end our relationship with the WTO immediately and govern ourselves again.

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