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Our Country Is in Serious Trouble


The U.S. needs to realize that its greatest threat is self-generated. We have sold 16,613 of our best companies in the past 30 years, increasing the number of American-registered foreign-owned companies in the United States. Japan and China would never sell their companies to any interests outside of their countries, which is evidence in itself how far we are descending as a nation. When we sell out to foreign-owned companies, the technology and the profits go overseas.

Why Do We Accept Our Failed Political System?


Our political system is flawed and no longer benefits Americans. It is, to a great degree, directed by lobbyists hired and paid for by special and foreign interests for their benefit — not ours. This results in a plutocracy — a government run by the rich, for the rich.

12 Ways “Free Trade” Has decimated American Manufacturing


Most people are unaware of the easily observable signs of this emerging crisis. And while we persist with our superpower mentality, we are quietly becoming a second-class country. “Free trade” agreements have allowed manufacturing jobs to be stripped from our economy by greedy corporate CEOs who manage multinational corporations.

A Plea for Americans to Unite


Democrats and Republicans are constantly swept up in debates regarding labels. Republicans generally argue for “free trade” while a few progressive democrats campaign for fair trade. In reality, all that American citizens are doing is getting caught up in a false ideological battle while ignoring actual issues. “Free trade” and “protectionist” fair trade are just labels: Americans should simply be focused on “trade” and what is best for our country. Is this not the policy every country should adopt? America must reject the Trans-Pacific Partnership President Obama has created before more jobs are shipped overseas.

Citizens United Paved the Way for Dark Money


The Supreme Court’s ruling in the Citizens United case ranks as one of the worst missteps in the history of the Republic. Almost single-handedly it has paved the way for our country to  be turned into a plutocracy, with all power firmly in the vice grip of a ruling class of rich interests. The ramifications and secondary effects of this ruling are now spinning out of control.

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