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The Root Cause for Student Loan Debt


Obtaining a college education used to be considered prestigious. Now it seems as if it is a one way ticket to overbearing debt. College tuition has increased 440 percent over the last 25 years whereas wages, despite an increase in productivity, have in fact declined. Yet students and their parents still take out loans in order to obtain a college education. What is worse is that upon graduation, students are having no luck finding jobs except in the service sector industry.

Our Leaders Are Not Looking Out For Our Best Interests


In many cases they are looking out for their sponsors who are funding their elections! A prime example of this is Citizens United, a group that made it possible for large corporations to give massive amounts of money to whatever political candidate they choose – without transparency or disclosure as to where the money comes from or what it is used for.

From Democracy to Plutocracy


In Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission, the Supreme Court ruled that corporations are equivalent to people, and thus have the same first amendment rights. Any attempt to abridge those rights (for example, the McCain-Feingold bill, which limited campaign donations) is a violation of the Constitution. This disastrous decision has paved the way for companies that care more about overseas profits than America.

Washington Is Broken and Needs Fixing Now


In fall of 2013, Republicans in the House of Representatives caused a partial government shutdown over the implementation of President Barack Obama’s health law. Now, it seems that they are pressing for quick passage of a spending bill to prevent a shutdown at month’s end and fund the government into December.

We Cannot Continue Living Beyond Our Means if We Are to Survive!


Our balance of trade deficit has averaged $600 billion every year from 2000 to present. That is $1.2 million per minute! This means we are now dependent on imports for even our most basic needs instead of producing for ourselves. Our trade deficit with China alone was $317 billion.

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