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Our Leaders Need to Wake Up and Do Better Before It’s Too Late


China is using our ailing economic condition to their benefit. While jobs here in the United States are lost and our trade deficit and national debt rise, China is booming. How? Simple. China’s leaders are actually investing in their country. They’re creating jobs and industry, while our leaders are busy shipping our jobs overseas.

Why Do We Accept Our Failed Political System?


Our political system is flawed and no longer benefits Americans. It is, to a great degree, directed by lobbyists hired and paid for by special and foreign interests for their benefit — not ours. This results in a plutocracy — a government run by the rich, for the rich.

America Must Change Its Direction or Face Inevitable Economic Destruction


We can’t continue to live on imports and escalating debts from the debilitating and devastating effects of disastrous “free trade” — which is eliminating our middle class jobs and leaving us with a service (servant) economy!

American Manufacturing Just Can’t Compete


Our “free trade” policies have allowed other countries to use unfair tactics to put our industries out of business. Theoretically these nations are committed to opening their markets to our goods – but they are not as foolish as we are to allow that to happen in an uncontrolled way.

We Have Handed Our Prestige over to China

China Military

Though the United States spends more on the military than any other nation on Earth, and indeed almost as much as the rest of the world combined, there is a new emerging superpower. China’s armed forces are getting beefed up at a rapid pace, and some are wondering if this will bring it into conflict with the United States in the near future. The question raised is how is a nation whose workers earn a mere $4 per hour becoming a rival to the strongest military in human history?

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