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Why We Need Tax Reform


Our country was built on tariffs. Tariffs paid for our railroads, our wars, and even our government until 1913. With money legally earned through tariffs, we would have the funding to rebuild our infrastructure and allow our transportation to catch up with the rest of the developed world. That would mean jobs for Americans. However, all building projects must include Buy American provisions, or we will continue to watch American wealth pour overseas.

Problems of and Solutions for Our Economy


The United States is facing economic disaster on a scale few nations have ever experienced. Most people are unaware of the easily observable signs of this emerging crisis. While we persist in our superpower mentality, we have quietly become a second-class country.

Chinese and Japanese Tactics Are Deceptive and It Is Hurting Our Economy


Between the North American “Free Trade” Agreement (NAFTA), the Korean – U.S. Trade agreement (KORUS), and our membership in the World Trade Organization (WTO), it’s safe to say the United States has unfair trade relationships with a lot of different nations. Of those nations, China and Japan stand out the most for their unfair trading strategies including stall tactics, deception and ambiguity.

Minimum Wage Increase, Income Disparity, And “Free Trade”


Since 1938, the federal minimum wage has increased a total of 22 times, but has never been adjusted to the rate of inflation. The unfortunate result of this has been a widening gap between the rich and poor — increased income disparity. As things stand right now, many Americans are working 30 – 50 hours a week at minimum wage and are still struggling to make ends meet.

“Free Trade” Weakens Us and Strengthens Our Rivals

China Military

For a long time now, observers have been predicting that China will be the dominant super power of the latter half of this century. At the rate they are growing, they look poised to turn this prediction into a reality very soon. As they stake their claim to the throne, and unseat the United States, it is maddening to reflect on how we have done so much to make them more powerful at our expense.

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