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The U.S. Must Leave the WTO if We Are Ever to Find Prosperity Again

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In 2008 the U.S. had an economic collapse of great magnitude. Millions lost their jobs, their retirement and their hope for the future. For many it was a wake up call to the fact that the U.S. cannot continue as it has in the past two decades. “Free trade” agreements have stripped American manufacturing jobs from our shores.

If You Eat Imported Food You May Be Putting Toxins Directly into Your Body!


The U.S. imports over $2 trillion worth of food every year, much of it produced in third-world countries like China, Vietnam, and Thailand. Of that 2 trillion, less than 2% is inspected by the FDA. With up to 80% of our seafood coming from other countries, you may want to reconsider going for that shrimp cocktail at the New Year’s party this year.

How Fair Trade Can Save America


Because of “free trade,” U.S.-based manufacturers simply cannot compete because they’re drowning in an explosion of cheap, foreign-made products flooding our markets. Because of this, once powerful businesses are closing down, jobs are lost, and entire cities once known for their manufacturing capabilities have been transformed into desolate wastelands due to outsourcing.

Things Are Worse Than We Think


The dysfunction we’ve seen in Congress over the last several years, the worst of it in 2013, shows just how bad is the state of our country.  The work Congress is doing is not for the benefit of the American people. The solutions to fixing the economy are simple, but our government just isn’t interested. Instead, they merely kick the can down the road to future leaders. And unlike the past economic downturns America has been in, things are not turning around. The longer we wait, the harder it becomes to fix our problems.

Don’t Let Obama’s Tricky Wordplay Fool You!


Obama will not be able to get his precious TPP passed by Congress if he needs a 2/3 majority. There is simply too much recognition that “free trade” has drained our country of jobs and resources with nothing remotely compensating us for the loss. His only hope is to lower the hurdle, to require only a simple majority vote to pass it. It is for this reason that he is calling the TPP an agreement instead of a treaty. We must not let ourselves be fooled by his verbal sleight of hand.

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