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If You Aren’t Outraged, You Haven’t Been Paying Attention


In recent years the U.S. has been steadily traversing down a path of destruction. While many Americans have begun to open their eyes to America’s plight, most are still oblivious to the factors that led to our downfall. Recently, the media has been touting recovery, but there are numerous urgent changes that need to be implemented before the U.S. can even think that we are emerging from today’s recession/depression.

Can’t We Govern Ourselves? The WTO Has Usurped This Right


Why do we allow foreign individuals to dictate our trade policy?

Shouldn’t we be governing ourselves?

Are Foreign Jobs So Dear and Foreign Cars So Sweet?


Are foreign jobs so dear and foreign cars so sweet as to be subsidized by our state government at the price of our own American companies as they are pushed to the precipice of bankruptcy and beyond?

Are American Democracy and Economic Power Really Just Things of the Past?


There has been much finger pointing on both sides of the aisle by Republicans and Democrats alike as to who is to blame for our current economic crisis. The real problem we face is a lack of leadership, a lack of planning and the constant avoidance of the real issues at the root of our current economic woes. Without a plan, we are falling to state capitalist countries like China. China has the largest population of any country on the planet and has risen from Third World status to become a major industrial nation. Our market capitalism is no match for state guided mercantilistic capitalism, controlled and protected by China and other nations.

America Full Speed Ahead Inexorably Headed into Colonial Status


China now has $3.6 trillion worth of convertible currency reserves. It accumulated this wealth through its balance of trade surplus with the United states.

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