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We Must Stay Out of War in Ukraine

Ukraine war

According to NATO there is a “high probability” that Russia could launch an invasion of Ukraine. Pro Russian rebels continue to gain more ground in the war-torn country, and efforts by the U.S. to restrain Russia from aggression seem to be failing. As the conditions deteriorate we must proceed cautiously if we are to survive as a nation. Our country only has so much strength left, and getting involved in a war with Russia is not in our best interests.

Detroit’s Bankruptcy Trial Begins This Month


On August 12th 2014, Detroit’s major creditor objected to the bankrupt city’s plan to reduce the billions of dollars in debt. The largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history is set for trial this month on August 21st. Detroit filed for bankruptcy over a year ago, claiming it had no way to pay off the estimated $18 billion in debt. Recently, retirees in Detroit had to vote to approve a cut to their pensions in order to save a buck for the municipality.

Who’s Pushing “Free Trade” on America?


The current system of “free trade” is not working for the United States. “Free trade” means unrestricted, uncontrolled access to our economy–tariff- and duty-free–for goods made in foreign countries for $4-per-hour or less. We cannot compete with these wages so we are forced to choose between going bankrupt, outsourcing nearly all of our manufacturing, or simply selling out.

Who is Really Behind Our Mainstream Media?


Have you ever wondered who controls the media you watch, hear, and read from? In today’s society, we spend over 150 hours a month watching television. We also spent countless hours surfing the Internet, connecting on social media, watching movies, listening to music, and reading books and magazines.

Say Yes to Overturn Citizens United Ruling!


Last month, the US Senate Judiciary Committee voted 10-8 to approve an amendment that would undo much of the damage done to our democracy by the Supreme Court’s decisions in Citizens United and McCutcheon. It would work to restore reasonable limits on financial contributions intended to influence elections. However, the California Supreme Court on Monday blocked the non-binding ballot seeking voter opinion regarding the disastrous ruling known as Citizens United.

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