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A Call to Arms – (Economic Arms)

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“Free trade” is destroying America. “Free trade” is unrestricted access by foreign companies to everything we have — to buy, to sell, to knock out any business at will. We are doing nothing to stop it — in fact we are encouraging it in “free trade.” One example is the automobile industry — the rest of our former great industries are now following.

NAFTA Has Been Nothing but a Disaster


In the years the United States has been a part of NAFTA, we have seen scores of jobs lost, immigration problems worsen, and our manufacturing base decimated when factories moved out and crossed the border to Mexico.  Many politicians in the past two decades have claimed they want to fix NAFTA, but not one has been successful.

Coming to Terms with Reality


What we are witnessing in the United States is not really free trade, but rather an imbalance of trade. The United States is not one of many specialized producers trading with other countries, but rather a net consumer of dangerous proportions. This has been extensively documented and is evidenced by 40-plus years of constant trade deficits – the U.S. simply does not produce enough to maintain a comparative advantage.

Why NAFTA is Bad for the U.S.


Since the implementation of the North American “Free Trade” Agreement (NAFTA), the American economy, which was already stagnating, has gone downhill at an increasing speed. When we examine the details of the “free trade” agreement, it is easy to see why it has caused so much devastation. From toxic imports to the flooding of illegal immigrants, NAFTA has all but decimated the United States.

The Consequences of Defeat in an Economic War


If the U.S. was attacked in a military war, we would do everything imaginable to defend ourselves, as losing a war could ultimately end in the enslavement of ourselves and future generations. History has shown us what happens to losers in a military conflict – the losers work for the benefit of the conquerors under their new ruler’s conditions.  

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