China Funding NAFTA Super Highway

America is in desperate need of infrastructure developments on a national scale. We need to wean ourselves from our oil-based economy, rebuild the electric grid, create workable mass transit systems, and maintain our crumbling roads and bridges. Yet the only building projects gaining momentum with politicians are those aimed at building up a foundation for more disastrous “free” trade.

Investigative journalist Vince Wade reports on a planned infrastructure development to expedite the import process for foreign-made goods into the United States’ market. The so-called “NAFTA Bridge” would be the northern-most point on a massive project cutting across the American heartland aimed specifically toward increasing the volume of goods that can be imported into the United States. The lead project has been spearheaded by several municipal, state and federal politicians along with substantial backing from overseas investors in China and elsewhere.

A project like this would act to funnel jobs and prosperity out of the United States in exchange for cheaply made foreign goods. This international commercial policy is precisely the opposite of what a nation should pursue.

The United States should not be in the business of privatizing public infrastructure for private profit. The United States should not be investing its time and resources into making this nation even more susceptible to pervasive imports.

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