CISPA Is Another Sign of Plutocracy


America is a country run by the rich and powerful for their own interests. This is the definition of a plutocracy. Each year it seems the grip of the One Percent on the reins of power grows more complete. A proposed bill called Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) is another step in this process.

The stated goal of CISPA is to protect against cyber attacks. In reality, it is collusion between the government and big tech firms that allows for the sharing of information between the two. Our right to privacy is under attack.

How can something like this happen in the so-called “Land of the Free?” The truth is, we are no longer the land of the free. We are a country in steep decline, burdened by debt and a failing economy where the rich and powerful make out pretty well while the rest of us suffer.

The Supreme Court has been largely responsible for the rise of plutocracy in America. They have eradicated sensible laws meant to keep money from unduly influencing politics. The idea behind democracy is that we are all equal, but money is not possessed in equal parts by all groups. It therefore represents a possible tool for tilting the field in favor of the rich.

Nowadays, the rich can practically purchase elections, and virtually all politicians of high rank are beholden to them. So if some rich tech firms want access to our private information, they have merely to back some candidates with enough money and call in the favor when it suits them. This is how a plutocracy is fashioned.

The only remedy is to get money out of politics. As long as wealth is unequally distributed, the presence of money in politics will run counter to the core values of democracy. Fortunately, there are some proposed amendments to our Constitution which will undo what the Supreme Court has foolishly done. Contact your representatives today and tell them to oppose CISPA and support anti-plutocratic amendments to our Constitution.

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