Common Sense Planning


Our current direction is flawed and needs to be altered, we need to dramatically revise and redevelop plans for the future of the U.S., or we are doomed to continue down a path that may become irreversible. We should consider some of these solutions before it’s too late:

* Recognize that we have massive problems, analyze our shortcomings and resolve to do something about them.

* Plan to regenerate needed strategic industries that we are losing or have lost (examples: steel, electronics, telecommunications and others).

* Negotiate better trading arrangements with other countries and not allow any country to do in this country that which they won’t allow us to do in their country.

* Develop government sponsored research and development facilities for select needs and industries (Example: Government sponsored World War II Manhattan Project which developed the atom bomb). Reinstate government sponsored Sematech Corp. which initiated major projects and developed products that were much needed.

* Analyze the following five components comparatively in our country with Foreign competition. They determine the final cost of a product:Comparative wage rates, Comparative technology, Comparative taxes (income, depreciation on capital equipment & other), Comparative government subsidies, and Comparative soft costs (Medical, Pension, Insurance and Other).

* Plan to make changes where we can.

* Adjust tax structure to incentivize Industries that produce essential products.

* Negotiate fairly with other countries considering that which is in our interests instead of placing lopsided emphasis on global considerations only.

* Limit the sale of certain companies in strategic industries to foreign companies if it would negatively impact our defense capabilities or do other damage to our country.

A new spirit of cooperation should be developed between government, management, and labor – we’re all in this together.

American people are conscientious, industrious, creative and intelligent. Proper leadership and meaningful incentives can again make us the World’s Manufacturing Powerhouse that we once were and that made us the richest, freest and strongest country in the world. Should we lose this Economic War, we will no longer be able to produce competitively and compete with other industrial countries – most specifically Germany, Japan and even China.

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