Corporations Infiltrate University Research Programs To Pursue Their Own Agenda

corporate greed

Today, there are a growing number of corrupt corporations that have accumulated their wealth and success at the expense of the average American citizen.

The problem with these corporations isn’t just that they’re led by greedy, corrupt individuals, but that they possess an alarming amount of power and influence over the U.S. economy. They have the seemingly unlimited funds necessary to ‘buy off’ legislatures in order to protect their interests, regardless of the ramifications for the American public.

Mike Adams, editor of, warned in his article Corporate Greed, Corruption, And The Coming Collapse Of America As We Know It,  that when countries are run by corporations, the future of that country becomes limited and bleak because corporations only plan for the next quarter instead of for future generations. They will do whatever they have to in order to secure large profits. If this means poisoning the population at large with toxic imports, mortgaging our future with massive trade deficits and public debt, or ignoring environmental standards, then so be it. In a country that is governed by corporations, profits are what matter, not people.

As if using their money to control decisions made in Washington isn’t enough, now these selfish corporations are taking things one step further, hijacking university research by sponsoring and funding research projects.

In an article titled “Billions of Corporate Dollars Are Hijacking University Research to Help Make Profits,” writer Joaquin Palomino warn that there is growing concern and controversy surrounding the explosion of corporate dollars being directed to universities. The fear is rooted in the belief that the mere presence of corporate sponsorship on a college campus will heavily influence decision making, “as more researchers gravitate toward projects that are well-funded and could result in industry jobs down the road,” (Palomino, 2013).

In the past three decades, privately funded applied research has been steadily rising. In fact, it increased from $950 million to $2.4 billion between 1985 and 2005—a 250 percent increase, (Palomino, 2013). Something must be done to slow this down or else greedy corporations will continue to influence important, innovative research taking place in our universities—research that has the potential of affecting all our lives!

It is time that we stand up against these over-reaching, selfish corporations trying to take control of our country with their money. Contact your congressional representative and let them know that we must stop these greedy corporations now. Send this article to five of your friends and ask them to do the same!

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