Corruption in Washington is Destroying the U.S. Economy


The well-being of the average American is no longer center stage in today’s political environment. Instead, the spotlight has been hijacked by lobbyists and special interest groups who seek to govern America according to their own agendas. Many of them represent foreign entities and they buy support from the elected officials who have the power to push their agendas through Congress. It should be noted that many of these elected officials were placed into office by We the People.

Part of the problem contributing to our economic decline can be attributed to our flawed political system. Our leaders irresponsibly allow our debts and deficits to continue to rise and permit our best companies to be sold to foreign ownership on the open market. Over the span of thirty years, we have sold 16,613 of our best companies to foreign interests and have gone from being the top producers of everything –cars, steel, televisions— to having to rely on imports for our daily needs.

The lack of restrictions on imported goods is also crippling our economy. Until we enact tougher restrictions on our imports, we will continue to see outsourcing and off-shoring, as well as the decay of our businesses and industries. Our elected officials have not stepped up to implement policies that would protect American-owned companies, or devised plans that would create new jobs.

If the U.S. continues down this road, we will witness a rise in social disruption, poverty, and increased crime. While other countries such as Japan, Germany, and China have developed plans and goals for economic success, our leaders have done nothing to ensure economic prosperity for the future of America.

We are left with a crumbling industrial infrastructure and mountains of debt, with no plan in sight to set us on track for recovery. Contact your Congressional Representative and ask what they’re doing to end political corruption and to develop plans and goals to get America back on track for future economic prosperity!

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