Dangerous Seafood Threatens Our Health


Unbeknownst to many Americans, the seafood they eat may be slowly killing them. Due to our lax inspection efforts we have no idea what is in the food we eat. 80 percent of our seafood is now imported, but less than 2 percent is checked! Much of this imported seafood is contaminated with antibiotics and toxic chemicals and it is making its way to your dinner table.

Your Food Could Be Poisoning You and Your Family

Eating fish is supposed to be healthy, but eating this unchecked fish could be threatening the health of you and your family. Our tax dollars are supposed to give us a government that ensures our safety, but our current system is failing us.

We Don’t Even Check the Food We Import!

Despite the grave health risks posed by unchecked seafood, only a few states do significant testing of the imported fish that enters their markets. Testing in Alabama–one of the few states that inspects its fish–has shown that 40 to 50 percent of the imported seafood that is checked is contaminated and unfit for consumption. In many cases the fish is rotten and decomposing! The antibiotics and other contaminants that their inspections have found have been known to cause health problems such as anemia, cancer and birth defects. When we don’t inspect, these contaminants end up on your plate!

A Tariff Could Pay for More Inspections

More FDA inspectors could help keep this dangerous food off our tables, but our legislators are unwilling to use tools like tariffs that could pay for these inspections. A tariff on imported food could pay for more inspectors as well as help American producers. Many American fisheries have been put out of business by this cheap, foreign, and often unsafe competition.

We Must Fix These Problems

EconomyInCrisis.org is dedicated to fixing America’s staggering economic problems. We bring to light those problems which are underreported, such as the danger posed by imported seafood. We believe that this along with job-killing free trade and our membership in the World Trade Organization (WTO) are the biggest problems facing America.

Free Trade is Destroying Our Economy

Our leaders have tried to sell free trade as a good thing, but in reality free trade means uncontrolled, unrestricted, tariff and duty-free access to our economy for products produced at labor costs of $1-$4 per hour. This forces us to outsource all our manufacturing to foreign countries, which destroys our job base, evaporates the middle class, and simultaneously makes the few importers of merchandise millionaires and billionaires. We were once the most productive country on earth, but free trade has destroyed our ability to manufacture.

The WTO Has Usurped Our Constitution

 The free trade policies that are destroying us are supervised by the World Trade Organization, a self-serving and undemocratic organization that operates outside of our control. By signing onto the WTO charter, we signed away our sovereign rights. We can no longer manage our own affairs because our laws are challenged and shot down by the WTO. Nine out of 10 times a case is brought against the United States, we lose.  We need to get out of the WTO so that we can once again govern our country and our economy. If we can do this we can once again be the most prosperous country on earth.

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