Economic Stagnation Creates Impoverished Children

According to the U.S. Census, more than 16 million children live in poverty, up from 14 million only two years ago, as job losses and stagnant wages are creating a generation of poverty in America.

The stories from children in Florida, pulled from a CBS News report, are heartbreaking.

“It’s hard. You can’t sleep. You just wait, you just go to sleep for like five minutes and you wake up again. And your stomach hurts, and you’re thinking ‘I can’t sleep. I’m going to try and sleep, I’m going to try and sleep,’ but you can’t ’cause your stomach’s hurting. And it’s cause it doesn’t have any food in it,” one child said.

Another student in the same elementary said, “And it’s like a black hole. And sometimes when I don’t eat, my stomach, you can hear it’s like growling. You can hear it.”

Stories such as these echo across the nation, as more and more families are unable to keep their jobs and stay in their homes. The inability for the economy to generate new and meaningful employment for millions of Americans is the result of our failed economic and trade policies.

America’s fanatical pursuit of “free” trade has forced our best companies to leave, as it has become increasingly unprofitable to produce goods and do business in this nation. “Free” trade has left our nation vulnerable to being robbed blind by the mercantilist actions of our economic competitors.

The ‘jobless recovery’, in which the stock market has done well and corporations have witnessed record profits, while unemployment is stagnant and home values are in a double-dip, is due to the fact that our government has enacted policy that panders to a wealthy elite.

The key to bringing jobs back to America is to actually make things in America. Any stimulus, tax cut, or job initiative is just bailing water out of a sinking ship until we plug the outsourcing hole caused by free trade. When companies can move elsewhere for cheaper labor and less regulations, and then sell products here with no penalty, they would be foolish not to.

Begging business to come back, and pushing more failed trade ideas, such as KORUS, as the president has recently done is not the answer. The solution to making America a strong nation again is to return to more protectionist policies that made this nation great originally, instead of running full speed to win a race to the bottom.

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