Elizabeth Warren’s Crusade Against Disastrous “Free Trade” Agreements


“Free trade” means unrestricted, uncontrolled access to our economy, tariff- and duty-free, for goods made for $4-per-hour or less. We cannot compete with these wages so we are forced to choose between going bankrupt, outsourcing our manufacturing or simply selling out. The U.S. is the largest consumer market in the world. Opening our doors to “free trade” agreements has resulted in job losses, enormous trade deficits and the extinction of many valuable U.S. businesses. Our “free trade” practices are harmful and no longer beneficial.

With so many members of Congress and other notable politicians supporting a number of our damaging “free trade” agreements, it is refreshing to know there are a small number of members of Congress committed to speaking out against the harmful agreements that often wreak havoc on the U.S. economy. One of these is Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Sen. Warren, a staunch supporter of fair trade, has been extremely vocal in her fight against “free trade” agreements. She’s rallied against the Korean – U.S. “free trade” agreement (KORUS) a number of times, and has recently been heard speaking out against the highly secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), calling for greater transparency when negotiating these harmful agreements. In fact, she even sent a letter to President Barack Obama’s nominee to head U.S. trade negotiations that detailed her concerns about President Obama’s lack of transparency in the TPP negotiations.

The root of Sen. Warren’s concern regarding “free trade” agreements stems from the damage that they can and have done to the United States economy. We as a nation have already seen the disastrous implications that resulted from NAFTA. Entire cities were left in shambles, like Detroit. The manufacturing industry was all but destroyed and outsourced to foreign countries, leaving thousands of Americans unemployed. Unfortunately, KOR-US is showing similar signs of economic calamity.

In regards to manufacturing and outsourcing, Sen. Warren believes we need to shift the focus from imports and instead focus on manufacturing American-made products. She believes we must go back to our roots, back to what made America great. That means innovation is key so we can invent and create new products to sell to the rest of the world and aid our ailing economy.

Because she is also a supporter of fair trade, Sen. Warren believes that, to maintain a successful economy, the U.S. must strengthen its trade laws with our trading partners and demand those same trading partners respect workers’ rights and environmental standards. 

Clearly Senator Elizabeth Warren is a champion for the People. She is not afraid to stand up to other members of Congress, or even President Obama himself, to defend the rights of Americans.

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