4 Reasons the Fish You Eat May Make You Sick or Even Kill You!


Eighty to ninety percent of our seafood is now imported, but only 1% or 2% is checked!

Much of this imported seafood is contaminated with antibiotics and toxic chemicals , and it is making its way to your dinner table.

Eating fish is supposed to be healthy, but eating this unchecked fish could slowly be killing you and your family.

Our tax dollars are supposed to give us a government that ensures our safety, but our current system is failing us.

Fish – What You Are Eating?

  1. Only a few states do significant testing of the seafood that enters their markets
  2. Testing in Alabama, one of the few states that inspects its fish, has shown that 40% to 50% of the imported seafood that is checked is contaminated and unfit for consumption
  3. The antibiotics and other contaminants that their inspections have found have been known to cause health problems such as anemia, cancer and birth defects
  4. Restaurants are not required to disclose where their fish comes from, and most of the seafood Americans consume is eaten in restaurants

This is not an exaggeration; this is happening every day!

There is no way for American consumers to detect when contaminated seafood finds its way onto their plate. The FDA, which is supposed to monitor all of our food, has failed at the task of ensuring our food safety.

We do not have enough FDA inspectors to check all the fish that enters this country because there is not enough money to pay for them. A tariff on imported seafood could provide the funds to pay for these crucial, additional inspectors. This may make our seafood a little bit more expensive, but the cost is well worth it to avoid the long term complications that could arise from eating contaminated fish.

We can’t stop this cheap seafood from entering our country because it has put our domestic fisheries out of business, and we can no longer meet our own needs. In addition, low prices on foreign seafood have made the importers of this seafood multimillionaires with an interest in bringing this potentially dangerous seafood into the United States.

See what you are eating! You will be shocked at the thought of what this may be doing to you and your children, short and long-term. It is unconscionable to continue in this way. Demand that your representatives in Washington take action to protect your health and our economy! They must initiate a law in Congress to place tariffs on all imported fish. It would ensure our health and would create an umbrella under which domestic fisheries can be reestablished.

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