Free Trade – Destined to Lead to America’s Collapse


Too many Americans are blissfully or blatantly unaware of the true nature of America’s economic condition. Yes, Americans can see the U.S. is hurting, but few know the root causes of our pain.

Americans are saddled with debt, both personal and national. However, many Americans do not feel the pain and economic destruction this debt is causing to its full extent. Our lifestyle is being temporarily supported by debt and imports. When the money from our creditor nations stops, so will the imports – we will become a bankrupt nation.

    We have sold 16,613 of our best companies in just 30 years.

This means our wealth, our technology and our jobs have been moving to other nations, replacing high-paying jobs with jobs in the service sector. With the absence of these companies, we no longer have the means to provide for ourselves — we have sold off our self-sufficiency.

    We are borrowing more and more money from the same foreign countries that we are getting our imports from.

Not only are we losing $600 billion every year due to our trade deficit, we are $14 trillion in debt! This is the highest recorded debt in U.S. history. Taxing the trillions of dollars in imports we receive every year would go a long way toward bringing jobs and financial stability back to America.

    We are encouraging outsourcing at almost every level, not just manufacturing – we are outsourcing our phone support, customer service, R&D, and more.

How can we support ourselves as a nation, if we cannot provide for ourselves? Our government needs to implement policies that support and encourage homegrown industries. Companies that outsource American jobs should pay higher taxes; those that keep jobs at home should get tax breaks and other incentives.

    With agreements like the North American Free Trade Agreement and our treaty with the World Trade Organization, our domestic companies do not stand a chance.

If we cannot be in control of our own laws and future, we will never break free from our present troubles. They will continue to spiral down until there is nothing left and the United States becomes a hollow shell of its former glory.

    Without reform to our tax structure we can’t compete with the foreign value-added tax (VAT) we must get our own and lower the income tax if we do not or cannot offset it domestically. Our tax disadvantages are too great to compete internationally. Our tax system no longer works for us – it works against us. This must change.

We need to wake up and let our leaders in Washington know that these issues are important to us – our economy and our national security.

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