Free Trade Has Failed Because It’s Neither Free Nor Fair


The United States has not had a trade surplus since 1975. Over $8 trillion has been lost through trade deficits between 2000 and 2014 alone. This is caused by “free trade” on our end and protectionism on the other. “Free trade”  has essentially led to the most massive wealth transfer in the history of the world.

“Free trade” is uncontrolled, unrestricted access to our economy, tariff- and duty-free, with products produced in foreign countries at wage rates  much lower than ours, sometimes as low as $4 per hour. “Free trade” is forcing us to outsource most of our manufacturing, enriching the individuals and companies that do so,  and turning more millionaires into billionaires while our own labor force – the middle class – evaporates.

One of the most significant flaws with all of our “free trade” agreements is that they are impossible to enforce. If “free trade” is impossible to enforce, competition becomes impossible. “Free trade” depends on the premise that all countries will play by the same rules. However, in the real world, assuring this is incredibly expensive, time-consuming and inefficient. We have simply been unable to create a universally free market. All evidence points to the fact that “free trade” works only in theory.

The reality is that tariffs are not the only barrier to fair trade. Trade is impacted by much more intangible state-sponsored “trade weapons” such as currency manipulation, technology transfer requirements, joint-venture policies, selective customs policies, underhanded government subsidies and countless other tools.

Under so-called “free trade” agreements, the U.S. essentially relies on faith-based economic policy with other countries. We agree to play ball by the rules and, because of the nature of the game, are unable to ensure that others play fair.

Americans should be united against what has essentially been the foreign oppression of America’s industrial base. We are losing an economic war we fail to realize we’re fighting. We are oblivious and our competition has taken full advantage of that, exploiting our naivety. America, it’s time to wake up and take action.

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7 Responses to Free Trade Has Failed Because It’s Neither Free Nor Fair

  1. Clyde B says:

    Quote – America, it’s time to wake up and take action. – unquote.

    What action should we take?

  2. BIGuru says:

    “What action should we take?”

    Perhaps, start implementing “Advanced Industrial Ecosystems” – the best Strategy on the planet whose basics are in “the art of war”…more like economic war…thank you…

    • Clyde B says:

      It does seem reasonable to me that if when we find fault as the writer did, we should also offer a remedy, thus my question.

  3. BIGuru says:

    And the remedy was my solution…let us have at it…among with other peoples remedy too…

    • Clyde B says:

      I’ve been waiting for someone to ask the question, “How do we implement advance Industrial Ecosystems?, but it hasn’t happened, so I’ll take it upon myself.

      How do you propose implementation of AIE?

      Would a government sponsored project be the best way to demonstrate the value of AIE or would it be best to start as a private endeavor?
      I am convinced that once there is exposure of the benefits there will be growing enthusiasm, but quite frankly, I don’t know where to start.
      The fact that domestic demand for manufactured goods is being satisfied by foreign exports limits the impetus for change on the part of existing manufacturing entities.

  4. BIGuru says:

    Clyde B…Thank you…I waited similar questions…provided it got in properly to peoples mind…and here is one answer.

    AIE produces the same methods as The Art of War in Strategy and then the work. I provide the strategy and everyone work on it to provide the benefits. For example, in December and January I sent letters for specific item for the While House to do. Our President went to India on January 26th for their Republic day parade. Well, I suggested that like Russia-India going for a $100 Billion Nuclear Power Plant, we should offer with our Private companies such as General Electric and others a plan to do 100 GW power ($100 Billion) using natural gas. This will provide our money, equipment, technology and people for an initial AIE work to start with. Then I can have many other projects under AIE.

    Why? It is about the need basis. India has 200 GW power while China has 1247 GW of Power (the numbers are slightly off) and hence India needs some serious support that we are not going to discuss openly for many reasons. But it will provide us serious export of everything to start with and produce wealth for both countries without hurting anyone else. But without a Political system in place, it does not work. I tried to do that five years ago, privately and it did not go anywhere.

    That is a start and add more wealth and work producing at high level for both countries. AIE can expand very high technology (engineering) items for all of us to do whatever both parties want to do. Plain and simple for at least 20 Trillion Dollar of projects in a very short time. The catch is like The Art of War, you need to understand the big picture for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness as the global basis.But the natural gas based plan was not offered. We are also pushing the Nuclear Plant, competing with Russia under severe Climate Changes at 3X the price, coming to kill everyone…hence the issues.

    I can answer some items on my Facebook at robbiejena. Thank you.

  5. BIGuru says:

    AIE uses The Art of War as the great strategy to start the process but uses knowledge behind it as:

    Advanced Industrial Ecosystems – Convergence of Human Science and Arts in fields including physical, chemical, mathematical, computational, engineering, and social sciences with key strategies to tackle complex challenges and achieve new and innovative solutions to provide the best long term Ecosystems for Mankind.

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