General Motors is becoming China Motors

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  1. Joe american says:

    all fo this is a lie. went to a lot of work to make a good video though

  2. Joe Brooks says:

    Joe A

    Please get some basic research done before speaking, you are totally wrong.

    “Last week, GM officials said that the company would spend $11 billion on new factories, new products, and new facilities – including hundreds of new dealerships – in China by 2016.

    It’s far and away GM’s biggest investment of the moment. But GM is obliged to split the bulk of its China profits with Chinese joint-venture partners – in effect, with the Chinese government.

    Is this massive commitment really the right course for GM?

    “GM’s partner is a state-owned automaker
    Bloomberg recently published an article comparing GM’s push in China to Toyota’s investment in U.S. expansion during the late 20th century. In some ways it’s an apt parallel – GM, like Toyota, is building a big on-site presence in a massive growth market just as business is booming.

    But in a way, there’s a big difference. Unlike Toyota in the U.S., GM is obliged under Chinese law to be a partner (technically, a junior partner) in joint ventures with Chinese companies in order to build cars in the country.”

  3. ClydeB says:

    Excellent point, Joe Brooks.

    If a US corporation wants to sell in China, it must manufacture in China. China gets the jobs, furnishes the raw material, packaging, advertising, etc.

    US stockholders may gain dividends, but that is about all.

    It is high time the US took some similar measures.

  4. BIGuru says:

    “It is high time the US took some similar measures.”

    Is the time when GM sells China made Buicks here? You know, China loves Buicks…

    • ClydeB says:

      Better they make them here than ship them here. If we, the US consumers, are willing to buy Chinese Buicks, we certainly are better off with having the assembly jobs.

      One of the most disheartening things going is the sight of those enormous ocean transports offloading their vast array of manufactured goods (cars in particular) while former middle class factory workers are lining up for food stamps.

  5. BIGuru says:

    “… while former middle class factory workers are lining up for food stamps.”

    GOP will do their best to get rid of the Food Stamps or whatever they call it now AND also get rid of the Industries too…to Asia…

  6. BIGuru says:

    When you add the connections over TIME…we have a serious problem here. They are now:

    Since 1900, we are developing Internal Combustion Engines making Climate Change possible, meaning Florida may be gone in 200 years.

    While we are fighting with Russia in a Cold Way, Gazprom is removing Dollar business for Gas.

    We are in Asia with Japan to threaten China in Military

    Iraq issues and working with improving minimum wage but the Politicians are all lawyers that reduces our Industrial Ability….add this to everything EIC publishes…

  7. BIGuru says:

    That was June, and today is November…I think we make Toyota as our American Company. Then everything will be just great. Now let us invest in Toyota in Money and People…they would love it…since they can not go to China for sure…and they make better products…

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