“Free Trade” Isn’t Free – It Is Bankrupting Our Country!


Our plutocratic government–a government run by the rich, for the rich–has given away our prosperity by continuing to pursue these misguided “free trade” policies.

The freedom of Americans to prosper has been undercut by disastrous “free trade” policies, and our ability to govern ourselves freely has been usurped by the World Trade Organization (WTO). This is not liberty; it is a slow economic death.

“Free trade” has been anything but free. We have paid a dear price for this misguided and disastrous policy. We have seen our factories shut down, our good jobs disappear, and our standard of living decline as a result of so-called “free trade”. America was once the envy of the world, but now we make nothing of value and must fight over menial service (servant) jobs.

We have been forced to sell our best companies due to free trade. Free trade means unrestricted, uncontrolled access to our economy, tariff- and duty-free for goods made for $4-per-hour or less. We cannot compete with these wages so we are forced to go bankrupt. We must either outsource nearly all of our manufacturing or simply sell out. Many of our companies, over 16,600, have been forced to sell to foreign interests. Soon we may ALL be working for foreign masters who take the profits generated here back overseas and care little for the country we live in. This isn’t freedom; it is servitude.

We have signed away the freedom to govern ourselves by joining the WTO. We no longer control our own fate, as the WTO oversees and manages all matters relating to international trade, a power once granted to us by our Constitution. The WTO now tells us what food to import, regardless of safety. They tell us that we can’t label the origin of our food because it puts other countries at a disadvantage. They tell us we can’t put up tariffs to protect our domestic industries without facing a backlash from a council of foreign people who rules against us 9 out of 10 times. That doesn’t sound like the idea of liberty our country was founded on.

We need to enact fair trade that works for the people of the United States. We need freedom to prosper and create thriving businesses, good jobs, and strong communities. These things cannot be accomplished under so-called “free trade”. We need fair trade, or we will see the death of America as we know it.

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