The News We Are Allowed to See and Hear Is Biased and Distorts Reality


We take great pride in freedom of the press, but nothing is said about freedom from a controlled press, which is distorting the news and choosing what we are allowed to hear and what we are not allowed to hear. The nation’s two largest media firms, Comcast and Time Warner, want to merge to create a mega-giant corporation and reduce the number of media giants from six to five. The Senate is holding hearings on whether the merger should go through, and if it does it will only get worse for our nation.

In 1983 more than fifty different media companies shared the market in America. Since then, control has slowly been seized by six: Comcast, Time Warner, Disney, Viacom, News Corp and CBS. If Comcast buys Time Warner, we will be left with five.

The lack of competition in the media market allows the firms to act independently of consumer demands. Since these corporations are made up of large multinational corporations they do what is best to keep themselves wealthy and powerful while distracting America from the real problems we face.

What’s worse, the profits from their market shares allow them to finance the campaigns of politicians, leaving the politicians indebted to them. Both sides perform favors for the other: the politicians enact laws to help the media. As an example, they grant their lobbyists, not our legislators, seats at the table of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations. This comes as even Congressmen and women have been barred from the negotiations and have only been granted limited access to negotiation documents. In return the media reports only the news the government wants us to hear.

It is no wonder Americans are so little aware of the political dangers we face today. We do not have a reliable source of information, unbiased journalists reporting on what is important. Instead of hearing about the TPP, we get the latest celebrity gossip. With this power, they make sure that their monopoly is protected, by having federal bureaucrats who are often former executives of the media companies place extra restrictions on copyrights, internet speeds, etc.

The first amendment to the Constitution guaranteed the freedom of the press, however due to their influence over Congressmen and federal bureaucrats their actions have led to our free press being corrupted and very biased.

If we are ever going to turn our nation around and reclaim our status as the world’s economic super power, breaking up the media cartel will be an important part of the process. We must do more than hope that the Senate will do the right thing, because too many of them have too many intimate relationships with the news media industry. Call your Congressional representative today and tell them not to approve the merger of Comcast and Time Warner. It is definitely not in our country’s best interest.

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