How Foreign Imports are Affecting Our Minds, Bodies, Jobs, and Economy


America is waking up to the fact that our food imports are not safe. People are becoming aware that 90 percent of our seafood is imported from other countries with the overwhelming majority coming from Asian countries. Not only does their seafood contain illegal antibiotics, they are essentially inedible because of the fish farm’s foul conditions.

In a Bloomberg report, it was discovered that many Tilapia fish farms in China are fed pig and goose manure making the fish more susceptible to disease. In Vietnam, shrimp is “kept fresh” with ice that comes from contaminated water filled with pathogenic bacteria. Not to mention the fact that the floors are covered in trash while flies feed off of the processed shrimp.

It isn’t that these imports are just bad for our bodies, they are bad for our minds. Oregon Health and Science University discovered that processed food with tons of chemicals hurt our brains. Chemicals send mixed signals to the brain and it lessens it’s ability to control appetite.

Essentially, we will never stop feeling hungry. This will ultimately lead to obesity and diabetes.

The Food Safety Standards in these countries are much lower than ours here at home. Yet we continue accepting their foods and getting it through our borders and onto our store shelves. Why? Because it is “cheap” and inexpensive for consumers.

Cheap foods, cheap toys, cheap office supplies, cheap home decor, cheap cheap and more cheap. Shrimp from Vietnam is significantly cheaper than domestic shrimp. This is costing domestic shrimp producers billions of dollars and costing America thousands of jobs. It isn’t just imported shrimp, its imported shoes, shirts, socks, underwear, televisions, cars, cell phones, computers; you name it. These industries are failing in America because our borders are open to cheap goods.

It is a never ending vicious cycle. We import goods because they are cheap, this puts our domestic companies out of business leaving America without jobs, the jobs available are minimum wage jobs thus pushing the need for more cheap imports since we can’t afford anymore.

Essentially, we are gradually given less and less options for American made items.

American made has become more expensive and going out of business! The cheap foreign foods and imports in general need to slowly diminish before there is nothing left that is made in America.

To make matters worse, the Country of Origin Labeling laws have been struck down by the World Trade Organization. This was a law that required retailers to provide country of origin labeling for beef, pork, lamb, fresh fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Trade partner countries such as Canada and Mexico were furious over this law calling it “unfair” and claiming that it put their products at an “unfair disadvantage.”

We are permitting other countries to dictate our laws and decide where the American citizens should know where their food comes from or not.

This information has been made public and a fire has been started. Let’s keep fueling the fire and spread the word! We have every right to know where our food comes from and we should have the option to choose which food items we want to buy or not based on its country of origin. If I know that there is a massive recall on Vietnamese shrimp, I want to be able to prevent buying it for the safety of my family!

Contact your representatives in Washington and let them know that you want to know where your food is coming from! Lets repeal the Country of Origin Labeling law and protect our citizens better by preventing cheap foreign goods. It is time to take our country back!


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