Our Leaders Are Now Working For Their Corporate Sponsors, Not For the Voters Who Elected Them


Edward Snowden, through Wikileaks, revealed to us the extent to which our government was spying on us. After so much bad exposure, the government is moving in the direction of reform. We can all be grateful for that, but the NSA is not the only organization whose secrets Wikileaks revealed to us.

Wikileaks has shone light on the murky proceedings of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The TPP is shaping up to be the largest “free trade” deal in human history encompassing approximately 40 percent of the world’s GDP. This agreement is being patterned off of previous deals, like NAFTA, which have wrecked the U.S. economy, the TPP could easily be the nail in our nation’s coffin.

Though we have not seen everything being negotiated in the deal, what we have seen is enough to demonstrate how awful it is going to be if it ever passes. Now that we have caught this glimpse, the public needs to put pressure on our leaders, just like they did with the NSA.

The importance of public pressure in this instance cannot be over stressed. There is big money behind the TPP. Multinational corporations are salivating over it, and their lobbyists are the ones advising our trade representatives. The public is kept in the dark, even Congress is kept in the dark, but corporations have a seat at the table.

The TPP will not go away without a fight. The NSA was bad enough. The only thing that can defeat this proposed agreement is the will of We the People. But we must be united and we must act decisively.

Call your Congressional representatives and tell them that the TPP is unacceptable. Tell them “free trade” has done enough to ruin our country; the last thing we need is yet another such agreement. Send this article to five of your friends, and have them do the same.

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