It’s Now or Never – A Time For National Action!


We’ve chosen President Obama for another term, and there’s much talk about dealing with immediate problems like the “fiscal cliff” but nothing about fixing the basic underlying reasons for our deep troubles. Most notably absent from any public discourse is the impact of intense foreign competition on our rich domestic market.

There’s plenty of talk at the progressive blog sites about needed action. But the candidates never talked about them once!

Instead both candidates backed the proposed new TPP Trans Pacific Partnership “free trade” agreement with a dozen Pacific Rim countries. Analysis of the leaked secret terms indicates that TPP will be even worse than NAFTA in lost U.S. jobs and more trade deficits. Mr. Obama is in SouthEast Asia today with increased trade on the agenda. No doubt he will be featuring TPP as one of his promises to those countries.

What can we do about it? We’re doing good analytical work and operating useful web sites. But are the decision-makers in big business and Washington paying any attention? Sadly. there’s little response, if any, from them to all of the good work by the progressive advocacy organizations. So lets try to do something about it. Here’s my proposal to my best Washington contact:

“I believe we need our own “Marshall Plan” to regain control of our rich domestic market from massive import competition and to rebuild our badly damaged domestic industries for national income, strength and security. Our multinational companies should back this effort rather than the one-sided wide-open “free trade”
policies we have today. We must stand up to  China, Japan, and Germany, not cave in to them. We can make our own policy changes, not beg China to stop its currency manipulation”

Kenneth N. Davis was a former U.S. Ass’t Secretary of Commerce , and also a former IBM Corp. V.P. and Chief Financial Officer

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