Major Problems Facing the American Economy and Country Today

America in Decline

America is losing an economic war and doing little to stop it. We must do something to reverse this trend!

“Free trade” agreements and laws are being made that encourage corporations to outsource jobs in the U.S. overseas. They receive huge tax benefits and various subsidies for buying our companies while they ship our jobs to their country. Strategic industries are being sold out from under us, and our wealth producing capabilities are diminishing. Jobs are fleeing the country and we are being economically disabled.

Here’s how

  • “Free trade” agreements such as NAFTA have forced American manufacturers to compete with third world countries
  • Irresponsible sale of strategic companies to foreign ownership (sold over 16,000 of our best wealth producing companies to foreign corporations)
  • Loss or decline of major industries (steel, publishing, clothing, machine tools, automobiles, electronics, others)
  • Loss of middle class jobs, causing real unemployment to rise to over 23%
  • Uncompetitiveness in manufacturing
  • Wealth transfer to foreign ownership ($1,300,000 per minute flowing to foreign countries)
  • Difficulty for college students to find jobs for which they were trained and there are fewer American-owned companies for them to work for
  • Manufacturing Outsourcing – dismantling America’s industrial base – giving away our technology and jobs to foreign companies and have them produce for us in their country
  • Insourcing – subsidizing foreign companies to manufacturer in America for their benefit and their profit, quickly displacing and putting out of business our American owned factories, leaving us with shell factories whose job is primarily assembling imported components

It is clear that if we allow these conditions to continue our nation will collapse economically. We have lost over 12 million jobs to outsourcing, and have allowed over ten trillion dollars to leave our shores in the form of trade deficits. In order to address these issues, we must do the following:

  • Amend or leave all “free trade” agreements including NAFTA and KORUS
  • We must implement a border consumption tax as part of a competitive tax plan for the U.S.
  • We must strive to become competitive otherwise we must exist on imports with more debt, accompanied with high unemployment.
  • It must pay to manufacture in the U.S. or no company will do it.
  • American owned companies have lost their competitiveness; we must learn to correct this by investing in new technologies.
  • We are losing a major economic war; we are relinquishing management and control of our economy through effects of our Balance of Trade Deficit, outsourcing.
  • We must think of the consequences of losing whole industries such as publishing, steel, electronics, clothing and how it impacts national security and living standards.

It is time our leaders actually started managing our country. Contact your Congressional Representative and tell them that we need to make American manufacturing competitive again.

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