McCain Says Citizens United Will Bring Major Scandals


Senator John McCain has enough years of political experience to know how the system works, and he is convinced that Citizens United will be bad for the country.  Speaking at an event on Tuesday, McCain lashed out against the Supreme Court’s ruling, saying that it will bring “major scandals.” Even without scandals, this ruling has given the wealthy an immeasurable amount of influence over our political system. This needs to be reversed as quickly as possible to preserve some semblance of effective government in the United States.

“What the Supreme Court did is a combination of arrogance, naivete and stupidity the likes of which I have never seen,” McCain said. “I promise you, there will be huge scandals because there’s too much money washing around, too much of it we don’t know who’s behind it and too much corruption associated with that kind of money.”

McCain has been a proponent of campaign finance reform for years. He coauthored the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002, commonly known as the McCain-Feingold Act. One thing McCain-Feingold addressed was corporate spending on “electioneering communication” that was paid for by corporations or with corporate or union funds. This portion of the law was immensely popular, but Citizens United overturned it.

McCains concerns about the effects of the court’s decision are well-founded. We have already seen huge sums of money thrown around in the Republican primary, and it is not always easy to see where it comes from. While some large donors such as Sheldon Adelson and Bill Maher have been very open about their contributions, others have gone to great lengths to cover their tracks. Last summer, Mitt Romney’s Super Pac received a $1 million donation from a corporation named W Spann LLC. This corporation appeared to be created merely for the purpose of funneling funds to Romney’s campaign anonymously–it was in existence for only four months and had little in the way of a paper trail. It was later found that the individual behind W Spann  had been in business with Romney at Bain Capital.

Citizens United will not only lead to scandal, but also bad policy. When more money is thrown at our political system, our politicians become more dependent on donors. This means that they serve the interests of a few rather than the interest of the country. We need to reverse Citizens United and reform our campaign finance laws so that our government can begin to work for us once again.

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