Middle Class Malaise


One of the biggest roadblocks to an American economic recovery is the growing destitution of the middle and lower classes. The wealthiest 1 percent of Americans continue to get richer, while the number of people living in poverty multiplies. In the midst of this, the middle class–the backbone to our once thriving nation–is essentially evaporating. Solutions to this trend must be found immediately.

The media and the government try to sell the erroneous premise that the Great Recession is now over, yet all economic indicators suggest otherwise. Although the media claims that the U.S. is creating jobs are true, many of the jobs they are creating are in India, Mexico, China and South Korea.

Politicians are using misleading indicators and statistics to prove that they have gotten things headed in the right direction. Unfortunately, these tactics only use shreds of the truth. While it’s valid that the stock market is looking better, it is only an indication that the wealthiest class is earning more money. The stock market itself does not create jobs for the middle class.

Nearly three quarters of the GDP is consumer spending, meaning citizens are going to the store to buy products and merchandise. However, 70 percent of goods on American store shelves are imported, so most of what Americans are buying is shipped here from foreign competition. The GDP merely shows that people are spending much of their hard earned wealth on imported products.

In the midst of this, the American Chamber of Commerce is not looking out for American interests. It widely represents multi-nationalists and big businesses that have more interest in profits than patriotism. The Chamber of Commerce often supports laws that help move American jobs to countries with no labor, environmental laws or human rights standards.

The bottom line is that the United States is no longer built to enrich its middle class, and that is a serious problem for the nation as a whole. Regardless of claims by the politicians in power, decisions are still not being made to benefit those who need it most. Until we develop policy that caters to the average American rather than just the rich, the economy will continue on this downhill slide.

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