More Americans Looking to Canada For Jobs

It is not unusual to hear someone joke that if their candidate of choice does not get elected, they’re moving to Canada. But after years of middle class erosion, Americans are now moving to Canada not for directly political reasons, but rather for jobs.

Immigration Canada’s numbers show that the number of Americans applying for temporary work visas has doubled since 2008. It’s no surprise that Americans are expanding their search for jobs to Canada. While the U.S. unemployment rate remains stubbornly above 9 percent, the unemployment rate in Canada is a relatively low 7.3 percent. At a time when many American workers have been unemployed for an extended period of time, any opportunity is better than no opportunity, even if it involves jumping through a lot of hoops.

For most jobs, Americans cannot simply enter Canada and obtain a job. In order to hire an American worker, Canadian firms have to prove that there is no suitable domestic candidate for the position. This is a hurdle that makes it harder for American workers to find jobs, but the number of workers who still persevere points to the fact that it might still be easier to find work in Canada than in the United States. American workers cannot apply for a visa until they have obtained a position in Canada.

The fact that Americans are searching far and wide for jobs seems the logical conclusion to years of bad policy. The condition of the American economy has been a cause for concern for years. The U.S. no longer has the strong middle class jobs that it once had. Without those jobs, our tax base has shrunk, and our infrastructure has crumbled. Americans have been told that if they just go to college and improve their job skills they will be fine, but instead new graduates scramble for service sector jobs while saddled with huge student loans.

If we do not take action to remedy our failed policies we will see even more Americans fleeing to greener pastures. Our trade policies have damaged our ability to compete, our government caters to Wall Street to the detriment of the average American, and many are looking to cut crucial Social Security benefits rather than ask those that can afford it to pay a little bit more. This is not to say that other countries have everything figured out, but when there are jobs somewhere else and not here, Americans are going to leave.

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