9 Disastrous Ways the TPP Will Affect Your Daily Life


The White House and corporatists in Congress passed fast track trade authority to railroad the massive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) through Congress. This awoke a sleeping giant of citizens upset about how it passed and what the TPP would do to America, making the TPP and hot topics for the 2016 elections. Why did they need fast track so badly? Because without it, the TPP wouldn’t stand a chance at passing. With history showing how “free trade” agreements have failed us and the devastating effects of the WTO, this comes as no surprise.

Under NAFTA alone we have lost over 1 million jobs, and our trade deficit has skyrocketed with these two countries, and especially Mexico. NAFTA wasn’t the only issue though, we joined the WTO and passed other “free trade” agreements such as CAFTA and KORUS. Due to our membership in the WTO we have lost over 2.7 million jobs to China.

The TPP will be more of the same as it includes countries like Vietnam where workers make far less than a dollar an hour and include child and slave labor. How can our manufacturers compete with this? To put it simply every “free trade” agreement has sold out our country.

“Free trade” is uncontrolled, unrestricted access to our economy, tariff- and duty-free, with products produced in foreign countries at wage rates  much lower than ours, sometimes as low as $4 per hour. “Free trade” is thus forcing us to outsource most of our manufacturing, enriching the individuals and companies that do so,  and turning more millionaires into billionaires while our own labor force – the middle class – evaporates.

The danger with the TPP though is deals with so much more than just trade. Some of the other dangerous provisions in the TPP include ones that affect:

  1. The Internet and internet regulations
  2. Food safety and labeling policies
  3. Health care, decreasing access and increasing the cost of medicines
  4. Our environmental policies, lowering our standards
  5. Workers’ rights and labor standards
  6. It would devastate financial regulations we have put in place to protect our economy
  7. Service-sector regulation
  8. Investments
  9. Patents and copyrights making goods more expensive and discouraging innovation

The TPP would be devastating to the U.S. This month may be the finally round of negotiations. Experts have suggested the TPP will not be passed into law for the benefit of the average American, no matter what the mainstream media tells you to convince you otherwise. The TPP must be stopped! Call your congressional representative today and tell them to vote no on Fast Track and to stop the TPP!

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