There Is No Path Out of Poverty for Many Americans


The United States is supposed to be the land of opportunity. Some citizens may have a harder time accumulating wealth if they are born poor, but the possibility is supposed to exist. This sense of upward mobility is now disappearing due to America’s free trade policies. More and more Americans are now living in poverty, and the path to prosperity has all but disappeared. The vast majority of Americans are willing to work hard to get ahead, but there are few jobs left where working hard gets you anything more than a meager paycheck.

Over 49 million Americans are now classified as living below the poverty line. Additionally, nearly half of all Americans are classified as low-income, which is defined as a household income of less than 200 percent of the poverty line. The poverty line for 2012 was defined at a yearly income of a mere $23,050 for a family of four. Often low-income individuals have nearly as difficult a time getting by as those living below the poverty line, because they do not qualify for many assistance programs.

The government rightfully provides programs to assist the poor with meeting their basic needs, but it is failing dramatically in assisting them in bettering their situation in the long run. Many families are forced to live on minimum wage incomes because minimum wage jobs are the only positions available to them.

Before our government took up “free trade” as gospel, there were many situations in which someone who was willing to work hard could make enough money to easily support a family. This is no longer the case. “Free trade” is uncontrolled, unrestricted access to our economy by foreign producers whose wage rates may be as low as $4 per hour, tariff-free, with which we can’t compete. “Free trade” is shipping out American jobs and wealth, leaving more families out of work, underemployed and unable to pay their bills. Many Americans now work two or three jobs just to pay their bills. This is not the sort of economy America is supposed to have.

Real wealth is built through productivity. Americans are now working in restaurants and hotels instead of factories and steel mills. Surely not every person needs to work in a production facility, but the production of tangible goods is central to a successful economy. We need drastic changes so that individuals can actually better their situations instead of merely surviving.

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5 Responses to There Is No Path Out of Poverty for Many Americans

  1. BIGuru says:

    “There Is No Path Out of Poverty for Many Americans” and yet no one supports to implement Advanced Industrial Ecosystems….one wonders why?

  2. Clyde B says:


    Is a national policy change essential for implementation of AIE?

    Could one or more of the industrial corporations be the catalyst to get things started?

    Middle American families are becoming more desperate by the day for some relief from the downward spiraling wages, increasing costs and lowered hope.

  3. BIGuru says:

    Thank you Clyde B. Simply stated the first project in AIE needs to start by me. Then everyone (Lawyers and Economists for example) can do the Neuro-Engineering Strategy System to the future. No National Policy change is essential. He is the example:

    In December 2014, I suggested our President Barrack Obama to offer a $100 Billion Electrical Power project using our Louisiana Natural gas and primary Engineering companies including General Electric and TATA to INDIA. Our President did do that on January 26th in New Delhi, but offered instead a Nuclear Power system using Uranium from Australia at three times the price to be completed in 2032 – to provide a high level system to a low level nuclear country (think about Fukushima type issues).

    That could have been my first project. All the background work has been done for the Complexity.

    I am still at it, but there are question marks to get the right political boss to activate the system…with Prime Minister Modi. It is now 50/50. Once implemented, others can follow the foot steps for money and glory. I will just retire. But this and follow up work can move USA very up in Economy that removes all our complains.

  4. Clyde B says:

    Thank you, B I Guru for the detailed explanation. I and others can learn from your words.
    With respect to your proposed power plant project, that appears to have been a short-sighted decision, but given Obama’s delusional position on AGW, it is understandable. He is determined to eliminate the use of our most abundant natural resources, be that natural gas, coal, oil or manpower, it seems.
    One can only hope that we have the resilience and can survive the balance of his term without too much additional harm, and that his successor will have more intelligence, not a stretch, plus some common sense.
    A major project in India would be a start, but personally, I favor projects that utilize domestic resources AND manpower. We must get America back to work in meaningful jobs paying decent wages if the nation is to recover.

  5. BIGuru says:

    ” but personally, I favor projects that utilize domestic resources AND manpower.”

    I understand. I tried to do high level items in the USA since 2002 (actually since 1987) that did not go anywhere. So, when you try and try and that does not work, try something else and then come back….that is my plan. Even then we will use domestic resources too. Thank you.

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