Our Country Is in Serious Trouble


The U.S. needs to realize that its greatest threat is self-generated. We have sold 16,613 of our best companies in the past 30 years, increasing the number of American-registered foreign-owned companies in the United States. Japan and China would never sell their companies to any interests outside of their countries, which is evidence in itself how far we are descending as a nation. When we sell out to foreign-owned companies, the technology and the profits go overseas.

If the U.S. makes laws foreign companies don’t like, they simply go to the World Trade Organization or leave the U.S. to take their company overseas for cheaper third world labor. We work for foreign-owned companies that set up shop in the U.S.—we do not work for ourselves anymore. We are quickly and inexorably entering colonial status–owned and managed by foreign powers. Our Constitution no longer protects us from foreign powers, as it was designed to do regarding matters of trade and related issues. We have signed off to the WTO whose constitution now usurps our own. The organization has little to no transparency as all of its hearings are closed to the public. It is no wonder then that we lose nine out of every 10 trade disputes brought before the body.

The U.S. is living in debt on every level. We do not even make the products we need to sustain life. We now have a service (servant) economy with low-paying jobs, and citizens are piling up personal debt. Their homes have lost value, and with employment drying up the average worker will be lucky to pay interest on what they owe. Our government has to borrow money just to pay back the loans we already owe. It is a vicious cycle on every level.

We should be focusing on rebuilding our manufacturing base. We should be focusing on living within our means. We should be rebuilding America, not trying to run the whole world.

The solutions are simple: tax imports, regulate foreign commerce, stop the sellout of America and get out of foreign wars that we can’t afford. We are eating contaminated fish pumped full of dangerous medicines and pollutants. Over 80 percent of our fish is imported, but we only have the means to inspect 2 percent of it, as we do not have the funds to pay the necessary FDA inspectors. A safety inspection import tax would pay to check the food, and make sure it is safe.

Our soldiers are fighting invisible enemies. Every time we blow up one of their homes, schools, churches or hospitals with our drone airplanes, we are encouraging more people to join the terrorists we are fighting. The only way to end the cycle is to get out.

With answers so easy and logical, we must question our leaders: why aren’t they stopping this madness? We should be writing our leaders at every level, make them aware of our true plight and these simple solutions. We should be writing letters to the editor of every magazine and newspaper in the country. If we don’t speak up, there may not be anything left to speak for.

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