Our Country Is Ignoring the Obvious Solutions to Our Pressing Problems

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The government and media try to sell the false idea that the Great Recession is over. Meanwhile, economic indicators suggest otherwise. The media claims the U.S. is creating jobs. This may be true, but the jobs they are creating are in India, Mexico, China and South Korea — NOT in the United States.

The wealthy multinationalists are accumulating more wealth by draining money from the American middle class. The top 1 percent are gaining more and more wealth while the middle class is evaporating and the number of people living in poverty is multiplying.

They are using poor indicators and statistics to show we are headed in the right direction. The stock market may look good, but that just means the multinationalists are doing well. The stock market itself doesn’t create jobs!

News stories point to our GDP–Gross Domestic Product–and say the numbers are going up. 70 percent of our GDP is consumer spending; this means citizens are going to the store to buy goods. However, 70 percent of our consumer goods are imported, so most of the products Americans are buying are shipped to us from overseas. Our GDP merely shows we are actively trading our wealth for plastic flowers and toys with lead paint – we are taking our hard-earned cash and buying junk.

Who will protect us? The U.S. Chamber of Commerce doesn’t represent American interests. It represents multinationalists and big businesses that have more interest in turning a profit than loyalty to their home country – if they even acknowledge they have one. They support laws that help move American jobs to countries with cheap labor, weak environmental laws or low human rights standards.

The solutions to our ever-increasing problems are very simple. We became a wealthy and productive nation in the past by protecting our industries and our jobs. We bought American-made products and we taxed foreign countries to sell their goods in our economy. We are the largest consumer nation in the world. We should not be giving away the right to sell in the U.S for free.

The easiest way to tax foreign products would be to initiate a tariff, but our leaders are in opposition to this proposal because they say they fear a trade war. Little do they know that we are already in a trade war – and we are losing.

The money the U.S. could accumulate with a tariff or value-added tax would be immense. Such tax reform could go toward paying off our foreign debt, and keeping our home-grown industries strong. If we keep letting foreign products in, while foreign nations lock our products out, the Great Recession will continue unfazed.

We have a right to protect ourselves. Every other nation on Earth, including all of our trading partners, are protectionists. But when the U.S. tries to protect itself, these countries call foul. We must engage in the same protectionist practices that are working for them. Their economies are growing stronger while ours grows weaker.

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