Our Leaders Must Be Working for Special Interests

They are certainly not working for the best interests of our people!

If they were working for us they would not continue to allow “free trade” to dominate our economy and allow control of our country to be transferred to the World Trade Organization (WTO), which is what is presently happening.

“Free trade” means uncontrolled, unrestricted access to our economy for goods made at wage rates of $2-$4 per hour or less shipped into the country tariff and duty free forcing us to outsource most of our manufacturing because we cannot compete with these low wage rates.

Because of these low foreign wage rates, 1 in 5 Americans who want to can’t find work. However, this is of little concern to the special interests who are constantly pushing “free trade” on the United States, despite the fact that the vast majority of Americans oppose such agreements.

The special interests are comprised of the importers who are becoming millionaires and billionaires by bringing in cheap foreign goods that are made at these low wage rates to sell to Americans. As an example, the Walmart family by themselves have as much money as the combined wealth of 100 million other Americans. They are getting very rich while other Americans are suffering for a lack of domestic jobs.

These special interests now have so much money they are able to buy and pay for the elections with huge campaign contributions to both parties to place their chosen politicians in office who will do their bidding. They intend to permanently keep Washington working in their favor through political donations.

There is no future for America if these interests continue to dominate our political landscape. We need politicians that represent us, and not those who give them the most money. The Supreme Court’s disastrous ruling on Citizens United has made this battle even more difficult, with corporations now able to spend unlimited amounts of cash to get the results they want.

Overturning the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision is the first step to taking America back from the special interests. Then we must ensure that we elect those who truly care about America and it’s people. If they do, the elimination of damaging “free trade” policies will be a given, and America can get back on its feet and return to become a self-sustaining, proud and productive nation again.

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