Our News Providers Increasingly Resemble Monopolies


Thirty years ago our media were owned by many interests and firms. Over 50 corporations brought us the bulk of our news, allowing for a diversity of perspectives, opinions and even ideologies. That number shrank over time until today only six corporations own over 90% of our news outlets: Time Warner, Comcast, Viacom, News Corp., Disney and CBS.

The scary thing about this is that when there are fewer players in an industry, the industry can behave like a cartel and conspire against public interest. There is, after all, less competition, which provides consumers with an alternative to keep the big boys honest. With only six major owners in the news industry, it is also easier for the government to dominate them.

Totalitarian dictatorships invariably have one, state-owned media source which obeys the dictator’s edicts and gives the people the news according to the desires of the head of state. Some are now pointing out that it is truly frightening to consider how closely our situation has come to resemble the monolithic, state-owned news of, say, Cuba, or the old Soviet Union. This is a grave disadvantage for the people of America.

Now more than ever, the people need to be informed about what their leaders are up to. With wasteful wars on one side of the globe, and economy-killing “free trade” agreements being hatched in secret on the other, we find ourselves treated to snippets about Miley Cyrus or other celebrity gossip. Meanwhile, backroom deals go down among elected politicians, influential lobbyists and rich corporate interests. Nowhere in this situation is there room for the common man and woman to benefit.

It is no wonder the media lie to us and get away with it. There is not enough competition in the industry. When one newscaster tells the latest government lie, the next one sees no advantage to revealing it, because he has been bought out by the same interests. That is the kind of thing that can happen when so few control so much.

America is asleep at the wheel, and we cannot rely on the media to wake us up. It is time to become aware of what is going on and start to do something about it. Let your friends know that the lies they hear on the news are coming from only six mega-corporations with close ties to corrupt elected officials. Tell them to pass the information on to more of their friends. The future of our country may depend on it!

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