Our Standard of Living Is In Grave Danger


Through the debilitating effects of the WTO, NAFTA and other so-called “free trade” agreements,  we have surrendered our ability to produce competitively. We no longer make the things we need, and instead rely on other countries to provide everything from our most basic necessities to parts for our Air Force’s planes.

What is our economy built on if we cannot produce enough to support ourselves? Our standard of living is still high, but it is not built on a solid foundation. We are increasingly dependent on unsustainable debt and the unbridled printing of fiat money, leaving our children burdened for our lifestyle. Over time this will render our savings and investment largely worthless as our economy spirals downwards.

These “free trade” agreements were supposed to enrich our country, but they have been abject failures. NAFTA was supposed to increase our exports, but instead we have seen our factories close up shop and move to Mexico in search of lower labor costs. These companies now export products to us that were once made in the USA.  The Korean Free Trade Agreement (KORUS) was sold to the American people under the same false pretenses, and we are seeing a similar result. The first months of the agreement’s implementation saw a huge flood of imports from South Korea, while our exports actually decreased.

It is clear that free trade isn’t working. We have tried it, and it has failed us. We should have corrected this by now!

The reason we are not correcting this imbalance is due to the fact that the people in charge are preventing any changes from occurring. Some extremely wealthy Americans are getting richer based on our failed trade policies. Many of our millionaires and billionaires love the way they are able to profit from outsourcing and see no need for change; sadly, they are in control.  We have quietly gone from a democracy to a plutocracy, a country run by the rich for the rich, while our whole middle class is evaporating.

We need to change the path our country is on, as our current direction is unsustainable. We need policies that work for the American people, not the plutocrats. The solutions are simple, but getting them implemented will be challenging due to entrenched special interests. Overcoming this obstacle will take a concerted effort of concerned Americans, but it is possible.

We are losing our jobs. The real unemployment rate, according to Shadow Government Statistics, is 23 percent, not the artificial number (7.6) the Bureau of Labor Statistics puts out.

We are losing our homes. We are losing our country. Speak up, speak out, and demand that our leaders in Washington hear you!

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