Poisonous Chinese Imports Nothing New


The news has lit up recently over talk of poisonous dog treats entering the United States from China.

So far the mysterious outbreak has been responsible for infecting more than 3,600 dogs, taking the lives of 500 since January. It’s an outbreak that has veterinarians and scientists baffled, because after nearly 1,000 tests, it’s still unclear what ingredient in the treats is causing the outbreak. The only thing we do know is the exporter of the contaminated products is none other than China.

The United States has run into issues like this before.

For example, there’s the most recent instance of the USDA allowing Chinese-processed chicken to be shipped to the United States. Given China’s reputation of not exactly being known for sanitary, safe food-processing standards, many across the U.S. are up in arms about this recent turn of events, especially since the processing plants shipping the chicken to the United States aren’t bound by law to label the country of origin for each ingredient that might go into the processed chicken. This inevitably leaves U.S. consumers vulnerable just as our dogs are.

Scary, when you consider that for years independent researchers have been finding evidence of heavy metals, pesticides, PCBs or other toxic contaminants in the food we’re importing from China.

So why aren’t our leaders doing more to make sure that contaminated food from China doesn’t cross our dinner plates?

Imports from China promote an increased risk of food-borne illness here in the states! Back in 2007 it was discovered a tidal-wave of impure drugs, tainted seafood, rancid meats, poisonous toothpaste, and adulterated mouthwash, among dozens of other goods had flooded the U.S market on a massive scale – mostly imported from China according to author Pat Choate in his book, Dangerous Business.

Also in 2007 there was an instance of poisonous dog food entering the United States. A manufactured chemical substance – melamine – was found in the tainted food, meaning the outbreak was not an accident and, after investigation, it was found that the tainted food was coming from a Chinese shipping company.

Why has this happened? Because “free trade” opened our markets up to foreign imports while simultaneously skimping on resources for the FDA and USDA to properly do their jobs. Without proper funding, the FDA can’t hire the necessary amount of food safety inspectors tasked with keeping unsafe, contaminated food from our store shelves.

Wake up America! Something has to change. If we’re going to continue these harmful “free trade” agreements with foreign nations, our leaders need to make sure agencies meant to keep us safe are properly funded. Contact your congressional representative and urge them to stand against trade agreements that place the health of our citizens at risk.

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