President Obama’s Power Grab (Obamatrade) Must be Stopped!


President Obama is attempting to get his hands on the power he needs to push Obamatrade via the Fast Track Trade Authority, something that will grant him dictator-like powers. With Fast Track, he will be able to put anything he wants into “free trade” agreements – even things not related to trade – just as he is attempting to do now with the job-killing Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)!

The TPP is a secret, Obama-led trade agreement being negotiated between the United States, Australia, Brunei, Chile, Canada, Malaysia, New Zealand, Mexico, Peru, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, and possibly South Korea.

TPP nations

We all know how disastrous “free trade” agreements have been for us in the past – sky-rocketing trade deficits, soaring national debt, job losses and outsourcing – but the TPP will make NAFTA, KORUS, CAFTA and others look tame. In fact, the TPP has been dubbed ‘NAFTA on steroids,’ meaning it will be even more harmful than any of its predecessors.

Furthermore, President Obama’s TPP will not only override American laws, but will allow corporations to sue the U.S. government for losses at the tax payer’s expense. It is an agreement that will favor corporations rather than We the People, plain and simple.

It is even projected to impact areas of society not related to trade, like the following:

  • financial dealings
  • Internet freedoms
  • service-sector regulation
  • labor and environmental standards
  • investments
  • government procurement
  • patents and copyrights
  • trade in industrial goods and agriculture

Clearly the TPP must not be allowed to pass. Wake up America! We must demand a stop to President Obama’s power grab and demand Congress refuse to grant him Fast Track Trade Authority that will allow agreements like the TPP to pass. This is an important issue and the President’s threat to utilize it should have every American up in arms. It completely disregards the checks and balances system that our Founding Fathers made certain to include in the blueprint of our government.

With the use of Fast Track, President Obama will be able to bypass Congress so he can ram his job-killing “free trade” agenda through. There’s no input from Congress, let alone the public, about what goes into these trade agreements before they receive a single up or down vote from Congress.

We need leaders who will govern our country as our U.S. Constitution intended — with Congress writing our laws and setting trade policy. By utilizing the Fast Track Authority, President Obama will destroy our fundamental Constitutional system of checks and balances in the name of “free trade.” This must not be allowed!

Contact your Congressional representative and urge them to protest the Fast Track Authority and the job-killing TPP. Send this article to five of your friends and have them do the same!

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