Proof that We Don’t Belong in the WTO


The World Trade Organization’s Recent Ruling on Food Sold in the U.S.

Unfair, Unnecessary and Insulting

Last week the WTO issued its final ruling in the challenge to the United States Country of Origin Labeling laws (COOL). 93 percent of Americans support these laws, which inform consumers where the food they purchase was raised or grown. Now the WTO, for no justifiable reason, regardless of the consequences, has ruled these laws “illegal” and the U.S. must either change the laws or face stiff penalties. Why should we have to choose? The fact that our government continues to bow to the will of the WTO when we want to protect ourselves is outrageous, unfair, unnecessary and insulting.

Prior to our membership in the WTO, the U.S. government, businesses and consumers were able to dictate what kinds of foods were sold in the U.S. and how they were labeled. This is no longer the case. In addition to this disastrous COOL ruling, the WTO has ruled against “Dolphin Safe” labels on tuna that were put there to let Americans know their food was not environmentally damaging. They have ruled against U.S. anti-dumping duties on shrimp from countries such as Thailand and China. They have also forced us to accept previously banned processed chicken products from China that could be endangering the health of many Americans. These cases are merely a small sample of the ways the WTO has unfairly and unnecessarily pushed their will on the American people at the expense of our health and our right to know what we are eating.

What more proof do we need to show that WTO rulings are unjustifiably stacked against us? Now we are no longer permitted to protect ourselves from unfair rulings by an undemocratic and irresponsible panel that has consistently voted against our decisions and has caused us harm.

These COOL laws were intended to allow Americans to make informed choices about the food they buy. Different countries have different standards for raising and slaughtering livestock and these standards can have a dramatic effect on the safety and quality of the product that makes its way to the dinner table. Americans deserve to choose and know where the food they eat comes from. Unfortunately the WTO does not agree.

Why should we allow an international body to tell us what kind of laws we can pass? Our constitution was put in place to ensure that we could govern ourselves in a manner that would provide for the well-being of all of our citizens. By signing onto the WTO charter we have given away our right to govern ourselves. Our government must defer to the WTO in all matters relating to international trade, whether fair or unfair.

The WTO can now create unjustifiable, unfair, artificial obstacles to prevent us from doing what we need to do to protect our food safety and health. Other countries can challenge almost any law passed by our freely elected government, and we have no recourse. This absolutely should not be tolerated.

If We Remain in the WTO,
America as We Know it Can no Longer Exist!

If the United States remains in the WTO we will continue to decline and the American government will cease to exist as a democratic, fully functioning, self-governing country.

Instead we will be a colony, with all of our businesses, resources and worst of all our government working under the direction of and for the interest of foreign nations.

We do not need the WTO to tell us how to govern ourselves. Our founding fathers fought to give us control of our country, yet we gave it away when we joined the WTO. We need to immediately sever our relations with the WTO so that we can take control of our own country once again and regain our position in the world that we formerly held and lost just 15 years ago.

Write or call your Congressperson TODAY!

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