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Back in 2005, I wrote an extensive series of articles on Wal-Mart and how one corporate giant was outsourcing anything and everything that American industry wouldn’t provide to them for resale at the prices they demanded. I opined that their actions were in essence “a national security risk” as we outsourced our light and heavy industry to other countries – especially to countries that were not necessarily “friends” of the United States. In fact, I wrote about the dangers of outsourcing before “” even came into existence. I insisted that “the best price wasn’t always the best deal,” especially as to how it would eventually impact our own economy – and even more importantly, the impact on our national security. The article was titled “Wal-Mart – And the Destruction of our Economy.”-

The above article wasn’t the first I had written on the subject, however. The title alone demonstrates that as far back as 2005, I was attempting to warn people that our economy was on a path of destruction. Since then, I have watched in horror as our economy has constantly been undermined by corporate greed and the very basis for America’s Middle-class’ existence has been outsourced to other nations in the name of “Free-Trade,” which is a misnomer; so-called “free trade” has been one of the underlying factors that is/has destroyed America’s Middle-class.

“Protectionism,” as those who label anything that attempts to keep our economy robust and sound, is quite the opposite. Opting to outsource our light and heavy manufacturing, from the very beginning was destined to destroy our economy and turn us into a “service-based” economy,” which we now know has destroyed the “American Dream” for millions of our citizens and has effectively destroyed our Middle-class. As people apply the term protectionism as it pertains to outsourcing and the destruction of our Middle-class was and has been a “conspiracy” to transfer the wealth of the nation to the elites and “corpracy” that now appear to rule our nation; the impact of this globalization is now threatening the very existence of our entire social structure and the outsourcing still continues unabated.

Protectionism is a matter of self-survival if we ever intend to regain any semblance of the “American Dream.” It’s vital that Americans understand that in order to pull ourselves out of a collapsing economy, it is imperative that we bring back our light and heavy manufacturing, make “buying American” a matter of patriotism, and throw off the belief that protecting well-paid American jobs is not protectionism, but a matter of survival to each and every U.S. citizen whom are now losing their jobs by the millions each year.

Further, in my opinion, “The U.S. Chamber of Commerce” is not in any way interested in protecting the American people, but is in fact an extremely powerful lobby that represents the “Corpracy”–not the American people!

The US Chamber of Commerce is un-American and does not represent the American people. It’s time to rid ourselves of these powerful lobbies that represent the interests of big business and the national interests of other countries. We, the American people, have to wake-up and understand that our survival as a nation depends on bringing back our light and heavy manufacturing.

Much to my surprise, CNN published a commentary written by Virg Bernero, the Mayor of Lansing, Michigan, and it is a commentary that every one of should read, as it reflects the true nature of our economic conundrum.

The cold, hard truth is that the unholy alliance between Washington and Wall Street has sold out the American worker and exported our standard of living.

Driven by the insatiable greed of Wall Street profiteers and accelerated by the false promise of free trade, our manufacturing base has been chased out of this country and along with it the livelihood of millions of hard-working Americans.

It’s fashionable these days among the politicians, pundits and so-called experts to claim that free trade is actually good for us. They say it enables us to buy cheaper goods made with cheap foreign labor and this, in turn, raises our standard of living.

Excerpt from Virg Bernero’s article “Free trade has sold out the American worker:”
With all due respect, the free traders need to ask themselves a more fundamental question: how will Americans buy those goods when they don’t even have a paycheck that covers their mortgage, much less the college tuition for their children?

In summation, if you believe that Microsoft lobbying to increase H-1B Visas to import more foreign workers to replace American held jobs is helpful to the American economy, or IBM suggesting that Americans migrate to India so they can increase their bottom lines is “patriotic,” then I suggest that it’s you who are un-American! We “the people” need to “lobby” our own Congress to support American workers and work to bring back our light and heavy manufacturing, and anything else is contrary to repairing our economy and restoring America’s Middle-Class. Those who believe that “The best price is always the best deal” have to understand that it is that philosophy which has helped to destroy our economy–and if “Change is coming” to the United States–part of that change has to be supporting American workers, not the interests of the “corapacy” who have successfully robbed and raped the very essence of what made our country the economic powerhouse that has since been reduced to a smoldering shell of what used to be a strong and patriotic United States.

Authors Bio: I am nothing more than a patriotic American that is doing whatever I can to further the cause of democracy and the rule of law.

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