Regaining Prosperity for America’s Middle Class


The disastrous “free trade” inspired policies enforced through NAFTA and the WTO have led to the destruction of America’s independence. Our jobs have been sacrificed and our unilateral trade deals have created conditions that make it impossible for us to compete. These policies have led to the bankruptcy or sell-off of tens-of-thousands of American companies. Throughout the past 30-plus years America’s consumer-based relationship with the rest of the world has led to the complete annihilation of our manufacturing infrastructure.

NAFTA and the WTO have taken a huge toll on our economy and our country’s sovereignty:

American industries are being acquired by foreign companies at the fastest rate since 2000. This sends future technology, jobs, tax dollars and profits abroad and will leave your children with a cloudy future. Where will they work and for which country’s benefit?

The dollar is losing respect and its worth in the world, this is due to the burden on the dollar by our unmanageable, and record-level  national debt. This debt decreases the purchasing power of every dollar in your pocket and threatens America’s status as the world’s reserve currency. Without this status the standard of living of all Americans would immediately plummet.

American manufacturing has lost over 3 million high-paying jobs in the last five years, creating an economy temporarily propped up by unsustainable debt at all levels.

These issues affect every man, woman and child in the United States, and must be addressed if America ever hopes to regain prosperity for the middle class, the backbone of both American society and our economy.

We must continue to raise awareness about problems affecting America and put pressure on our political leaders to do something about them. Contact your congressional representatives and use the information available on to clearly show your representatives that we are developing the profile of a third world country: living on imports, heavily in debt and with a floundering manufacturing base.

Demand that we do what it takes to once again become an independent, productive and self-sufficient country. We should no longer be forced to rely on others for our sustenance, jobs, strength and living standard.

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