Both Parties Pawns Of Corporations Seeking To Takeover America

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In that aftermath of the government shutdown last year, many blame Republicans for the failed leadership in Washington and are predicting that Democrats will win back the House of Representatives in 2014. Predictions don’t matter, because in reality it makes no difference who wins the House: Republicans and Democrats are equally corrupt. Both parties operate without the best interests of the public in mind because both parties are controlled by lobbyists and corporations who fund the campaigns that get our congressional representatives elected in the first place!

It’s a twisted game of greed and corruption, and it’s the American public that is always the loser. We’d like to think the people we elect care about our opinions or what we want, but they don’t. And even if they did care about our pleas for jobs and a healthier economy, the truth of the matter is that Congress – our elected leaders – are not the ones running the country anymore.

Corporations – under the banner of “free trade” – are in charge now.

The impending Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a good example of this. As it is being negotiated largely in secret by lobbyists and representatives from greedy multinational corporations,  it is clear the TPP is being created with little care or thought for the well-being of the average citizen.

Rather it is an agreement driven solely by the desire to obtain the most profit possible.

Much of the TPP is being pushed by big multinational corporations who, at the expense of the 99 percenters, stand to gain a lot with the successful passage of this damaging “free trade” agreement. The danger in allowing these corporations to continue using “free trade” as a mechanism for their acquisitions of wealth is that it will:

Corporations are also hoping to use the TPP as an avenue to seek cheaper labor costs, new tools for dismantling environmental laws, longer drug patents, further financial deregulation, caps on food and safety protections, concentration of global food supplies, greater access to government contracts, and lower taxes.

Wake up America! We are allowing the corporate takeover of our country! If we stay on our present course, America as we know it will be destroyed.

Contact your congressional representatives and urge them to stand up to the corporations seeking to do away with our freedoms and sovereignty in the name of profits. Send this to five of your friends and have them do the same!

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